Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunan Kudus (Indonesia)

Sunan Kudus

Sunan Kudus’ name was Ja’far Shadiq. In the eight century there also lived a Wali by the name of Ja’far Shadiq in Iran. During his lifetime, Sunan Kudus of the Wali Sanga, taught people in the region of Kudus and Central-Java about Islam. His expertise was Religious Studies, tahid, usul, hadits, logic and fiqih in particular. Regarding his efforts in the spread of Islam in Java, Sunan Kudus’ story is no different from that of other Walis; he, too, continuously adjusted his political vision to the local environment.[7] One of his strategies was to avoid that Hindus would feel offended by the Islamic teachings. It is said, that one day Sunan Kudus was traveling on a long journey; when he ran out of water, a man gave him cow’s milk to drink. As a reward for the man’s noble deed, and also due to the fact that cows are considered sacred animals according to Hindu tradition, Sunan Kudus thus put a ban on the slaughter of cows.[8] After he passed away, Sunan Kudus was buried at the mosque of Kudus.