Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunan Kalijaga Indonesia

Sunan Kalijaga

Sunan Kalijaga, or Kalijogo’s, other name was Raden Mas Syahid. He had the reputation of the Wali with a great mind. Sunan Kalijaga was the most well-known Wali of the time. He paved the way for the Islamization of Java by the establishment of the Muslim State of Demak, after having successfully conquered the Hindu Kingdom of Majapahit. He developed the Islamic culture in Java through performance of Court ceremonies, wayang (traditional shadow puppet play) and the selametan (ritual meal).[5] His strategic efforts were efficient and received a lot of attention from the people because of his successful adaptation of the way in which he preached the Islam to the local Javanese community. In his style of teachings Sunan Kalijaga combined the already existing Javanese traditions and customs with the new customs of Islamic tradition. People saw Sunan Kalijaga as a tolerant and tactful person, and for this very reason he became a highly respected Wali in the eyes of the people in the local community.[6]

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