Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Turkey's first nuclear unit to be completed by 2019

Turkey is determined to see the first unit of its planned Akkuyu nuclear power plant operating by 2019, the country's energy minister Taner Yildiz said during a speech in Ankara on Thursday.
The Akuyyu plant, which will consist of four reactors, will be Turkey's first and will be built by Russian energy company Rosatom on the Mediterranean coast, with the aim of it being fully operational by 2023.
Speaking at a meeting with Rosatom, Yildiz said the Environmental Effect Evaluation Report might affect the construction schedule of the plant but that all issues, such as radiation levels and safety regulations, would be handled during the meeting.
Sergei Kirienko, Rosatom's Chief Executive Officer, said the Akkuyu plant could potentially provide $5 billion in contracts for Turkish companies, including construction and assembly.
Responding to a question about whether the political situation in Crimea and resulting sanctions would affect the project, Kirienko said the nuclear power plan projects are long-term and therefore would not be affected by political events.
"Akkuyu plant is planned to operate between 60 to 80 years and will have an investment volume of $20 billion," Kirienko said.
“The relations between Russia and Ukraine are very complicated at the moment, however all the nuclear power plants in Ukraine are operated by Russia and they continue to operate without any problems,” he added.

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