Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunan Muria (Indonesia)

Sunan Muria

Raden Umar Said, who later became known as Sunan Muria, most likely was the son of Sunan Kalijaga. During his lifetime, Sunan Muria was mostly active in the area of Mount Muria and nearby places, like Pati, Juwana, Kudus and Jepara.  As a loyal follower of the Kingdom of Demak, he played an important role in the construction of the Great Mosque. Sunan Muria’s style of teaching was particularly favored among peasants, fishermen, sailors and the lower class citizens in society. He had a great sympathy toward many traditional Javanese cultural elements, such as the gamelan orchestra, and which he used as a means for the spread of Islam. This, of course, lead to an increase in his popularity and respect among the local people, because many people used to visit gamelan events - the same holds for wayang performances, as was cleverly noticed by another Wali, namely Sunan Kalijaga.[9]

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