Friday, June 1, 2012

Amma Jan Bawa Jan {Murugamalla India}

Dargah Name : - Hazrath Faqeeh Shah Vali (RA) and Hazratha Syeda Pacha
Bi Bi (RA) - Dargah Populary known as Amma Jan and Bawa Jan Dargah.

Place : Murugamalla , Chintamani Taluk ( Known / Called by muslims
as Muragmalla )

District : Kolar District
State : Karnataka.

Hazrath Amma Jan and Bawa Jan came to this place. It is said they use to fast a lot and did strong Ibadath ( worship ) . They were blessed by a great son who later became a jalali buzurg known as Hazrat Syed Jalal Khaki Shah Moula - whose Dargah shareef is a few kilometres (2kms from Muragmalla Dargah ) in Nimkanpalli , Chintamani Taluk, Kolar District , Karnataka State.

This dargah of Muragmalla is very famous for Hazri of Jinnats.
This is a very old Dargah Shareef and attracts a large number of people from different places like Malur, Chintamani, Hoskette, Bilenasapur, Bangerpet, Kolar, Mulgabal, Bangalore and other places.
The Urs-e-Shareef of Amma Jan and Bawa Jan is Celebrated on 12th of
Holy and Sacred month of Rabi-ul-Awwal. ( Barahfath - Barweeh Shareef
Day )

Also the Urs of Great Auliya Ala-Hazrath Khwaja Syedina Nazar Ali Shah Chisty ( Becuase the wisal mubarak took on this sacred day ) is celebrated on the 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal in M.R Pallaya , Bangalore.
Also the Urs in Bangerpet of Hazrat Shamshu Maa (RA) and Hazrat Moin
uddin Auliya (RA) is celebrated on the 12th Rabi-ul- Awwal ( Barweeh
shareef Day )

Bus Service : - There is a good bus services to Muragmulla Dargah Shareef.
From Bangalore buses are availabe from
No. 1) Kalasipallayam Bus Station
No. 2) Kempe Gowda Bus Station ( Majestic Bus Station )
No. 3) Buses are also available from Begaum Hall Bus Stop near Ulsoor.

mportant Note : If any one likes to go to the following Dargahs buses
are available in above mentioned 3 bus stations.
1) Dargah of Hazrath Syedina Hyder Wo Sadar ( Mulbagal Shareef )
2) Dargah of Hazrath Syedina Qutb Shah Ghori (RA) - near Kolar Tower Clock
3) Dargah of Hazrath Syedina Usman Shah Valli (RA) - Kolar Hills and
other dargahs of Kolar
4) Dargah of Hazrath Shamshu Maa (RA) and Moinuddin Hazrat in Bangerpet.
5) Dargah of Hazrath Amma Jan Bawa Jan - Muragmalla & Hazrat Khaki
Shah Moula(RA) in Nimkanpalli.

Any body can go to any dargah from the above 3 bus stations mentioned.
There are also frequent Buses from Hoskotte and one can reach any of
the above 5 dargahs from Hoskotte also.

There many piegons in Murgmalla Dargah and Nimkanpalli dargah and any
one can take a apportunity of doing khidmat of this piegons and goats
by feeding them with the wheat, bajra , jaari which is available in
the shops in muragmalla and Nimkanpalli.