Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world today, whose history extends back through the ancient Israelite and Hebrew people. Through centuries of suffering, persecution, dispersion, and occasional victory, Judaism has continued to exert a profound influence around the world. Today, approximately 14 million people identify themselves as a member of this monotheistic faith. Modern Judaism is composed of different branches (or denominations), each of which has a different approaches to religious life, such as adherance to the Law.
When it comes to Judaism, many people have questions like: What do Jews believe about Allah, the universe, people, the spiritual realm, and the afterlife? What are their values, traditions, and ethics? Who are their teachers, leaders, and converts? And what is their history? Serious students of religion will also want to know how Judaism is the same as, and different from, other major world religions, such as Islam and Christianity.
The table of contents below will direct you to various topics on Islam, from their beliefs to comparison charts to their holidays to their sacred texts

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