Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shah Qabool Aulia {Peshawar, Pakistan}

Early life:

Shah Qabool Aulia was born in Teenjah a small port town in Morocco, in 1101 AD. From the very beginning his aptitude was towards spiritualism. After obtaining elementary religious education at Maktab (religious school), at a very young age, he left his native country as well as his parents, to lean more of spiritualism and reality about this universe, i.e., inner knowledge.

Religious Education in India

After a long and uncomfortable travelling in sea, He came to Karachi, then a small Indian port town. He met with Shah Inayat, who was a great Spiritual Leader (Pir/Murshad) of the Sindh. In addition to tasawwaf (spiritualism), Shah Qabool was appointed the in charge of "Langar Khana" (i.e., a mess, having free foods for every one).After completion of inner education, Shah Inayat granted him the title Khilafat (i.e., deputy, having full spiritual powers/abilities of his leader) and ordered him to travel towards North west, for serving the mankind and preaching the teachings of Islam. Shah Inayat also gave him an "ASA" (i.e., a stick, usually carried by the sufis) and told him that your final destination will be that place, where this stick stop.

Travels through India

Shah Qabool started travelling and through route of Multan & Kashmir, reached Kokalyan, a small village near Haripur (Hazara). He stayed on a knoll, nearby a stream and forest. He made a cave and started worship of God. In addition to worship, he also served the people of nearby village secretly. In midnight, he took water and fill the mosques, so that people should easily make wudu (washing hands, legs etc., for prayers). He spent 12 years in this cave. This cave still exists and is famous as Bhoora Sharif.
Shah Qabool again started traveling and reached Attock, (now Attock Hurd). With his efforts towards preaching of teachings of Islam and his love and services for mankind, a number of people stop evil manners, as well as converted from Hinduism to Islam.

Life in Peshwar

Lastly, Shah Qabool started travelings towards west and reached Peshawar, then a small town and stayed a nearby Mohalla (street) Dabgran. In those days Peshwar was not developed and had a small population. The stick (given by the spiritual leader) stop & Peshawar was assumed as the final destination. Shah Qabool started preaching of teachings of Islam and also served the people. Due to his love, affections & sincere efforts, thousands of people converted from Hindu and other religions to Islam. He also sent his khulfaa (i.e., deputies) towards other villages, towns, cities as well tribal area & Afghanistan.


After living in Peshwar for 34 years, Shah Qabool died in 1181 AD. His shrine is situated in Dabgari Area of Peshwar, the capital of Province "Khyber Pukhtunkhwa", Pakistan. A number of people come daily for reciting from the Qur'an.
Urs (Anniversary) is being celebrated as Jashn-e-Warud-e-Masaud on the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the month of May every year. Thousand people came from various cities of Pakistan, Kashmir as well as abroad, to homage this Muslim Sufi Saint.


  1. Molana Muhammad ishaq buneri bin Hafiz muhammad nabi (Hafiz deri)bin Sayed Ibrahim bin mean Roshan baba bin Sayed feroz bin Sayed ghulam bin Sayed Mustafa jando was the defendant of shah qabool r/a

  2. Yes it is true sayed Mustafa baba was jelani and his grave is in jando