Thursday, June 21, 2012

Makhdoom Sarwar Nooh {Sindh, Pakistan}

Makhdoom Lutufullah commonly known as Makhdoom Nooh (1500-1590) was a great saint and scholar of Suhurwardia order of Sindh. His mausoleum is located at Hala, 56 kilometers from Hyderabad (Sindh) Pakistan.

Makhdoom Nooh RA was great saint of his era, his roots connect with Islam's first Khaleefa Hazrat Abu Bakr RA (first after death of last messenger of God Hazrat Muhammed SAW) He was SUHARWARDI line of worshiping style, (SUHARWARDI actually drives from two urdu words one SEHAR means DAWN second WIRD means recite). the descendents line up to its 18th SUJADAH NASHEEN MAKHDOOM MUHAMMED AMIN FAHIM, present Senior Vice-Chairman of PPP a big political party of Pakistan and a poet who sit on the chair after his father's death HAZRAT MAKHDOOM MUHAMMED ZAMAN TALIB-ul-MOLA a renowned scholar, poet, and leader of his time he died in 1992. Serwar Nooh, was the first to translate Quran Pak (a holy book of Allah) into persian language. its new edition is under printing process in sindh's literal organization Sindhi Adabi Board jamshoro Hyderabad. The crown prince is MAKHDOOM JAMIL ZAMAN, MPA from Hala,and good literate person

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