Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mir Abdul Baqi Purani

The Tomb of Mir Abdul Baqi Purani, Ex-Governor of Bukkur, Amir Mirak Shah Ba Yazid Hussain, a native of Purani in Hirat, came to Sindh in AH 928 (AD 1521) with Mirza Shah Hussain Babar. He was appointed Governor of Bukkur, but after some time he left the post to his son and went to Kandhar, where he died. His son was the Saiyid Abdul Baqi Purani whose tomb is located on the plain south-west of the Collector’s bungalow. An inscription upon it runs as follows:

Mir Abdul Baqi Purani, the Qutb, who was the Chief of the descendants of the Prophet, the cream of the chosen people of God. Shaikh Qazi Shah Muhammad composed the chronogram of his death. Alas, Mir Abdul Baqi Purani gave his life on the 3rd of the month of Ramzan, night of Saturday AH 1019 (AD 1610).To quote Henry Cousins, close beside the tomb to the west, the intervening space being crowded with graves, are the walls of two ruined buildings, probably both mosques, upon which still remain large areas of colored tile work in designs and combinations of tints very different in their treatment to what is found in other parts of Sindh. What makes this difference is the free use of plain, unglazed brick or terracotta surfaces, alternating with the coloured tile work, and this produces a soft, subdued tone to the whole which is distinctly pleasing. The tile work around the door of the shrine of Khawaja Khizr (see below) was of the same style, so was probably of about the same date, namely A1i 1019 (Ar 1610).To the south of the tomb is the dargah (shrine) of Syed Amir Muhammad Maki, who came to Sindh in the year AD1260 and settled first at Bukkur and then later moved to Rohri. The  Musavi Syeds trace their descent from him. Syed Muhammad Maki gave Bukkur its name (‘Dawn’) some years after its foundation.

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