Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sakhi Din Panah

His actual name is Abdul Wahab. He belonged to a family of Bukhari sadat; According to a tradition Din Panah was found on a river bank by a Hindu Women, But Sober has written that Abdul Wahab Din Panah belonged to Bukhari Syed Family, born in 955 Hijri 1548 A.D , He lead a pious life and remained busy in connection with spreading and teaching of Islam, Din Panah was popular both among the Muslims and Hindus, We have many different stories relating to him It is said that a person who was jealous of his piety poisoned him to death, in 1012 Hijri / 1603 A.D, His tomb is situated on the bank of river Indus near Rohri., This has been erected on the Pattern and style of the tomb of Shah Rukhne Alam

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