Monday, June 25, 2012

Mian Sahib dera doon walay {Karanchi, Pakistan}

Hazrat Sufi Muhammad Hussain Sabri belongs to Dera Doon, near Saharanpur in India. His Spiritual teacher was from Afghanistan i.e. Agha Jan R.A Qadri. But Sufi sahib is popular as Sabri as he has got strong spiritual Relationship and Faiz from Hazrat Sabir Pak R.A.

After partition he came to Pakistan and spend his life here. He was a great sufi and there are many followers in the country. Architecture and design of the Dargah Sharif is Like Kaliyar Sharif. Even the Gooler Trees are also there. Dargah Sharif is in Sakhi Hassan Grave yard Karachi. He is known as Mian Sahib dera doon walay..

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  1. If someone knows his present khalifa name please whatsapp me at this number +923342996575