Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dargahs in Adoni (Andhra Pradesh-India)

" Dargah Hazrath Shehzada Vali.
" Dargah Hazrath Khadar at Koutalam.
" Dargah Hazrath Diwane Saheb on Yemmiganur Road. (Also known as Tikka Saheb Dargah by Hindus)
" Dargah Hazrat Shaik Fareed Saheb Sufi (RA) Urs-e-Sharif in the Islamic month of 15th Safar.
" Dargah Hazrath Taher Sha Khadri Saheb.
" Dargah Hazrath Syed Sha Hasan Peer khadri at Vagarur village of Manthralayam mandal. (4o km from Adoni. He is direct descendent of Prophet Mohammad (SW)
" Dargah Hazrat Malik Rehmaan Shah on top of the hill.
" Dargah Hazrat Inan Shah vali (Havanapet)
" Dargah Hazrat Gul Hussaini.
" Hazrath khwaja Syed Shah Abdul Qadir Hussainy, Chisthy alqadri (al-maroof  hazrath syed shah qadir r.a.). Kowthalam, adoni, kurnool (dt.) Andhra pradesh.
" Mazare sharif hazrath, khwaja syed shah abdul qadir hussainy, Chisthy Alqadri

 City/Town : Adoni
District : Kurnool
State : Andhra Pradesh


  1. Good Collection....Few Auliya's names which i know are
    1) Kotthalanka Yogi,lived in Mummidivaram,Andhra Pradesh.
    2) Hazrat Tajuddin Baba,Nagpur.
    3) Khan Saheb,Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh.
    4) Kadapa Pedda Dargah Aulias,Kadapa.
    Many more Auliya's n Hyderabad...Nampally Dargah,RP road Dargah etc...

  2. @Balakrishna Kadapa

    Thanks for comments
    We try our best to get more Aulia from all around the world

  3. @Balakrishna Kadapa if you have knowledge and picture of any Wali Allah Aulliya then send me please thanks for visiting this blog

  4. mashallha we are getting a good knowledge from this aulia site thank u so much admin