Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hazrath mehshar rehbarri {Bangalore}

Hazrath mehshar rehbarri had written and serve many auliyas of bangalore in his life time. He had helped many dargah committees to advertise urs informations of the auliyas in the urdu newspapers.
Yarab hazrath (daknikotta) and peer hyder shah jeelani ( seeyaposh baba from kuch-gujarat) were also among those who use to attend urs and for duas from the dargah hazrath lalu bhai qasir (ra). Peer hyder shah jeelani use to attend the urs fateha even in heavy rains with an umbrella many a times. All old womens and darvesh fuqras know about the rainfall that occurs in the urs of hazrath lalu bhai qasir from t 1912 itself and all faqeers and old people have observed and experienced the rainfall in the urs from years. And the oldest sandal and urs in this area is of hazrath lalu bhai qasir (ra). The sandal of hazrath tawakkal mastan shah baba (ra) is the most famous in bangalore and second famous is of hazrath lalu bhai qasir (r.a). And it has shaken the entire city from years by promoting communal harmony in the city. Non muslims from commissioner of police department, city police, area police, electricity department people, water department people , ministers, ulmas ( big alims) , muzawars (of big dargahs ) often visits the dargah of lalu bhai qasir for duas and duas have come true.

Story of friendship of auliyas hazrath khader hussain auliya and khwaja lalu bhai qasir chisti (ra):-
Hazrath khader hussain auliya ( r.a) had praised about lalu bhai qasir that he has victory over nafs and have built many forts in the heaven and has gain high status in wilayat and once hazrath khader hussain auliya and khwaja lalu bhai qasir had went to dada pahardh ( baba buddan giri hills in chikkamangalore ) and when the reached the hills.,they both wanted to meet hazrath dada hayath qalander for blessings and both challenged who will first meet dada hayath qalander (ahle rasool) and both the auliyas went in their own ways in the dada hills and when they came from two opposite sides and coincided in the middle hazrath dada hayath qalander came and met them, he blessed both the auliyas and gave a needle to khader hussain auliya and a green plant (known as bail in urdu) to khwaja lalu bhai qasir (ra) which means that khader hussain will be single powerful auliya and khwaja lalu bhai qasir will see auliyas in his future generations. Great auliya allahs from abroad and parts of india came searching hazrath lalu bhai qasir and have written many books, risalas and have left literature . They have serve people in every aspects of live in their times. Many auliyas took shelter near by to his residence in his times. He was sadr-e-dilbar of auliyas in his time. Centre of love for auliya allahs in his time.

He served & solved problems of poor people, alims, muftis and darvish fuqras in many places :
Many poor people with difficulties and problems use to come even from outside the states to meet him and take blessings . He gave them good preachings of islam and used to solve their problems. Hundreds of great darvesh of pengoda sharif of the time wanted him to become the head of the banawa fuqras because of his spritual powers. In balapur he helped many poor families during marriages and his miracles were famous in balapur, tirpatur, ramnagar, hosur etc. Even many imams and muftis in his time use to come to him with respect and love.
When juma masjid ( famous old sunni mosque of bangalore ) was constructed people came to hazrath lalu bhai qasir to put a kalam in the foundation stone. He gave kalam to his uncle , hazrath's uncle led the foundation stone of the old jumma masjid sunni mosque in bangalore.
Photo's karamath :- the photos of hazrath lalu bhai qasir (ra) were taken seven times by his followers in different occassions but the photo didn't come.also once a group photo was taken making him to sit in the middle but in the middle of the photo black shade appeared and other peoples in the photo were visible whereas the picture of hazrath of lalu bhai qasir (ra) didn't come.

Many great believers tried for sixty years to build the dargah
Hazrath khwaja qaseer's (ra) believers would had made the roza of hazrath lalu bhai qasir in diamonds and full gold., but calipha saheb rejected people not to make even dargah. Hazrath khwaja qaseer (abdul bhai qaseer ) said after my death in future a syed from syedi family will come and then he will put shelter (top) to the dargah. And this came true in coming days. Many rich people and great believers tried contineuously for about 60 years to construct dargah but could not construct even when they had enough money for construction.
One great karmath regarding islam / quran and christain missionaries and popes i will mention below :

Some christain missionaries and popes of st. Mary's basilica church , shivajinagar, bangalore were spreading christainity by offering money, lands and were attracting many poor and uneducated people towards christainity during hazrath khwaja lalu bhai qasir's period. Some disciples of khwaja saheb reported the matter that they are converting many people and greeting us also in our area. One big pope came to khwaja saheb and told him to become christain then khwaja saheb replied don't disturb us, pope never listen and forced him with tough conversation , khwaja saheb was silent and bend his head and was listening to the pope, who wanted him to become christain at any cost otherwise he would take some serious actions atlast khwaja saheb was silently listening and told the pope go back from where you have come but the pope didn't listen to khwaja saheb. Khwaja saheb's believers knew that some thing will happen. When khwaja saheb saw pope with red eyes, then the pope suddenly fell down and became unconscious then the disciples of khwaja cried and said forgive khwaja forgive this pope then after some time khwaja saheb came again from house and recited some ayats of quran then pope got consiousness and begged pardon from khwaja lalu bhai qasir. But other popes and missionaries of the church challenged khwaja saheb and told all people that khwaja saheb is a magic man ( jadugar) . They blamed khwaja saheb as a jadugar. Many people listened to the popes and were being converted again. Khwaja saheb's disciples felt bad and were very sad. They said khwaja our people are going towards christainity what to do. Khwaja saheb called all people and invited all big popes and missionaries at that time to come with their holy books and i will come with my holy quran, if your religion is true you make a big wooden wall house and come along with me inside the wooden house and put fire to this house, who will come save out without burnings , people should follow that religion. This was the open challenge of khwaja saheb and popes didn't agree and then many people opened their eyes and praised khwaja saheb. Even the popes use to visit his house from outside and they the popes use to kiss his house doors and respect a lot from that day and whenever they passed from this area. Other coming popes also respected khwaja saheb even after his death also some popes use to come and kiss his son khwaja qaseer (ra) in his times.

Langar khana and chhatti sharief :-
If you talk about langar, the only dargah in bangalore which has a great records and heights in langar is of hazrath khwaja lalu bhai qasir till today. Annual chhatti sharief of khwaja moinuddin chisti is celebrated in a grand manner every year. Also chhatti sharief is held here every month on the first friday of islamic calender date . Due to the popularity of the chhatti sharief in this dargah it is a good thing to see that chhattis are celebrated now in other dargahs of bangalore. Maintaining continuity in langars is important, mashallah it is seen in this dargah till today.
Note :- Some people give wrong informations about auliyas and the same is being published in the english newspapers. Please don't consider information from sites regarding Bangalore auliyas because people don't have correct information. There are dargahs of many famous auliyas of Bangalore whose information is not the news papers or sites. But All the Dargahs advertise mostly in urdu news paper only. I know and often visited all these dargahs and have confirmed the names with suggestions from experienced and old people of Bangalore.

Dargah-e- Ala Hazrath Peer Syed Nazar Ali Shah Chisti (RA) , M.R Pallaya , J.C Nagar, Quddus Saheb Mackan ( This Dargah is next to Dargah of Hazrath Zahooruddin Shah Qadri (RA)

In Bangalore Hazrath Tawakal Mastan Shah Sahorwadi Dargah is famous apart from this Hazrath Chanchal Burhan Shah Qadri in Queens Road, Hazrath Kambal Posh Baba, Hazrath Khader Hussain Baba in HKP Road, Dargahs of M.R Pallya, Jayamahal Road, J.C Nagar namely Dargah of Khwaja Lalu Bhai Qasir (RA), Dargah of Hyder Shah Jeelani , Dargah of Naukulla Shah Qadri (R.A), Dargah of Hazrath Zahooruddin Baba. Dargah of Baba Miyan Arif ulla shah in Neelsandra , Dargah of Mastani Maa of Tannery Road and Hazrath Be Sar Auliya & Hazrath Hameed Shah Qadri in Cottonpet are most famous . In recent years Dargah of Jamal Shah Baba in Chandi Chowk , Hazrath Nazar Ali Shah Chisti in M.R Pallaya, Hazrath Sharfundeen Shah (otc road ), Hazrath Paccha Shaheed ( city market ) and Hazrath Biha Peer in Mysore Road have become more famous after new constructions.

I pray for success of both deen and duniya to almightly allah for particularly to all the people and their families who have contributed their time, money, sacrifices for the sake of such a great site of allah. Ya allah un sab ki deen aur duniya kamiyaab bana jo tere mehboob waliyon se mahobath karte hai ya allah unko tamam ke and unke ghar waloon ke upar kass barkateh aur rahmateh nazil farma jo tere mehboob dostoon ki bargah me kidmath anjam diye hai ameen, ya allah unki har mujkil asaan farma.Ameen. Ya allah inke naik muradey aur tamaane puri farma.Ameen. Ya allah inki har bimari, baala, afaat, dushman aur haasideen dur farmade. Ameen.In tamaam khadim and kidmat ghuzaaroon ko dono jahan me kamiyabi aur nusrat ata farma.Ameen.Ya allah aur bi dusare ghafil bande, hamere dost haybab tamam ko bi auliya ki sachi mahaboot aur kidmat karne ki hidayat farma. Dostoon ko bi milay dard ki dawa yarab, mera hi bala ho muje maroor nahin.Ya allah hamre purane buzoorg ghayarweeh, konde ki fateha kar ke har ek se mahobath karte te aur chaar ke haat dulate teh. Ya allah aaj mahobat aur mahmam nawazi kam ho ti ja rahi hai allah aur Ahsad,geebat aur siyasat achuki hai . Is Badaklaqi ko Door famarde. Ya allah har ghar me aaj fateha ki mehfilay nahin horahe hai .Aaj kal fateha darood kam hogi hai .Ya allah tamam ko fateha aur darood ki azmat, fateha ki barkat , fateha ghar me karne se jo rahmat milti hai hum saab naseeb farma.Ya allah fateha karte hai aaj magar Gharibon aur miskino ko yaad nahin rakrahe hai. Gharibon ka dard aur hamdardi and musafiron ki khimat aur madad karne ki saab ko toufiq aur hidayat deh. Ya allah log dusare kamoo me paisa karch karte hai fisool kamou se bacha, yaallah acche kamoo me paisa karch karne ki toufeeq de. Ya allah hum saab ko auliya ka adab and mahboot koot koot kar barde Ameen. Ya allah ye dua aur Iltizah tere habeeb-e-pak salalaahoo alaihhi wa salam, unki all aur tamaam auliya ke sadqe aur wasile se qubool aur maqbool farma .Ameen.Yarabal 'alameen.