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Sultan Bahu (ca 1628 - 1691)

Sultan Bahu (ca 1628 - 1691)

Sultan Bahu (ca 1628 - 1691) was a Muslim Sufi and saint, who founded the Sarwari Qadiri sufi order. 

Like many other sufi saints of the Indian subcontinent, Sultan Bahu was also a prolific writer, with more than forty books on Sufism attributed to him. However, as the majority of his books deal with specialised subjects related to Islam and islamic mysticism, it is his Punjabi poetry that has generated popular appeal and made him a household name in the region. His poetic verses are sung in many genres of sufi music, including qawaalis and kaafis. Tradition has established a particular style of singing his couplets, which is not used in any other genre of sufi music. (Please see the External Links section for audio resources.)
The Mausoleum of Sultan Bahu is located in Garh Maharaja, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a popular and frequently-visited sufi shrine, and the annual festival is celebrated with the usual fervour, which is now a distinguishing feature of what is being called a 'shrine culture' of the Indian subcontinent.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) is from the progeny of Hazrat Ali (RA)
and is a direct descended from Hazrat Ali (RA). Traditionally according to the
law of the land he is Hashimi and belongs to the tribe of A'wan. Historically
the A'wan tribe trace their descent to Ameer Shah, son of Qutub Shah whose
family lineage is traced back to Hazrat Ali (RA). Hazrat Sultan Bahu's (RA)
family genealogy is traced as follows:

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), son of Hazrat Bazid Muhammed (RA), son of Hazrat
Fatah Muhammed, son of Hazrat Alla-radatta, son of Hazrat Muhammed Tameem ,son
of Hazrat Muhammed Mannan, son of Hazrat Mogila, son of Hazrat Muhammed Peera,
son of Hazrat Muhammed Sughra, son of Hazrat Muhammed Noor, son of Hazrat
Sulla'a son of Hazrat Muhammed Baharie, son of Hazrat Muhammed Jayoon, son of
Hazrat Muhammed Hargun, son of Hazrat Noor Shah, son of Hazrat Ameer Shah, son
of Hazrat Qutub Shah, son of Hazrat Emmaan Shah, son of Hazrat Husein Shah., son
of Hazrat Firoze Shah, son of Hazrat Mahmud Shah, son of Hazrat Fartak Shah, son
of Hazrat Nawaab Shah, son of Hazrat Darrab Shah, son of Hazrat Awhum Shah, son
of Hazrat Abeeq Shah, son of Hazrat Ahmed Shah, son of Hazrat Ameer Zubeir, son
of Hazrat Ali (RA), son of Hazrat Abu Talib, son of Hazrat Mutallib, son of
Hazrat Hashim, son of Hazrat Abdul Munaf.