Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hazrath khwaja mehboob ali shah chisty {Bangalore}

Hazrath khwaja mehboob ali shah chisty is populary known as
Khwaja Lalu Bhai Qasir Chisti ( r.a) - ( Khwaja-e-Bangalore ).

In dargah hazrath khwaja lalu bhai qasir chisti (ra) there are three other auliyas namely Hazrath Syed Ahmed Shah Chisti urf Paccha miyan baba ( Qutb and Syed Sadaath ), Hazratha Ameena Bibi ( azwaja-e- hazrath lalu bhai qasir) and lastly Hazrath Khwaja Qaseer urf abdul bhai qaseer chisti ( son and calipha of hazrath lalu bhai qasir chisti (ra). 

Four great peers and murshids in them 2 are syed sadaaths :-
Roza or mazar-e-sharif of khwaja lalu bhai qasir ( r.a) is surrounded by his four major peer and murshids in and around, little far from dargah namely syed ahmed shah chisti urf syed paccha miyan baba ( inside the dargah ) , hazrath syed nazar ali shah chisti (ra) ( hazrath nazar ali shah's dargah is at a few distance from this dargah ) , hazrath imam ali shah chisti (ra) and hazrath iqrar ali shah chisti (ra).

A brief history of hazrath khwaja lalu bhai qasir chisti (ra) :-
Hazrath khwaja mehboob ali shah chisty populary known as khwaja lalu bhai qasir chisti ( r.a). The dargah is on jayamahal road , m.r pallya , j.c nagar, quddus saheb mackan. He was born in
1850 and the wisal took place at the age of 63 years in 1912. His father name was khwaja miyan and he died early in his childhood. His uncle and mother took care later and he became the mureed of hazrath nazar ali shah chisti (ra), whose dargah is in a few distance from this dargah. When he was a child of seven years old, one auliya allah named as hazrath nazar ali shah chisti from madras had met his father early morning after fajr prayers on 10th moharam when they had gone to perform fateha in ashirkhana and hazrath nazar ali shah chisti (ra) asked to give his son to him because he informed that the child is not a common child and he wanted to make him mureed and give good preachings of islam. On that day itself he handed over the child to the said auliya. Later hazrath nazar ali shah chisti told lalu bhai qasir to visit many great auliyas of the time in mysore jungles, ramnagar, mysore road etc.

When he was said to go and meet the other auliyas, he replied that peer is enough for him and why he should go to others then nazar ali shah peer said that he should meet great auliyas and take their blessing and roohani faiz from them. When he went to meet hazrath sadiq ali shah hussaini biha peer baba (now dargah in mysore road ) , hazrath peeran shah maboodh in mysore jungles (now dargah in ramanagaram ) both the auliyas were waiting for him to give him special blessings. Also later he was blessed by hazrath jahagir shah wali ( nandi village) in chikbalapur , hazrath hyder wali auliya ( hyder wo safdar ) of mulbagal and hazrath dada hayath qalander in chikmangalur. When lalu bhai qasir (ra) wanted to say kalam-e- irfan and learn tasawuff , peer nazar ali shah directed him to meet hazrath azad wali auliya of tirpatur (tamil nadu).

The oldest sandal and urs in j.c nagar, m.r pallaya area, jayamahal road ( famous and attractive center of auliyas in bangalore ) which is contineously celebrated since 1912 :-
Hazrath khwaja lalu bhai qasir (ra) dargah's urs and sandal is the oldest in all the dargahs of j.c nagar area , m.r pallaya, jayamahal road since from 1912. This j.c nagar (munnireddy pallaya) is the most attractive and famous place of auliyas in bangalore. It is the record of dargah hazrath lalu bhai qasir that the sandal and urs is contineously celebrated from 1912 in this munnireddy pallya , jayamahal road, j.c nagar. Even great auliyas like yarab hazrath ( now dargah in daknikotta), peer hyder shah jeelani ( now dargah in m.r pallaya , jayamahal road) , mastan baba ( now dargah in m.r pallaya , jayamahal road ), hazrath moinuddin auliya ( now dargah in bangerpet), peer zoohuruddin shah qadri ( now dargah in m.r pallaya , jayamahal road ), hazrath shamshuma ( now the dargah in Bangarpet ) visited dargah of hazrath lalu bhai qasir (r.a) for roohani faiz and duas after his death. 

Also all the above auliyas use to listen and respect the arifana kalam of hazrath lalu bhai qaisr ( r.a) . In his life time only hazrath shamshuma (bangerpet auliya) , khwaja qaseer (son and caliph of hazrath lalu bhai qasir ) and hazrath moinuddin hazrath (bangerpet auliya) became mureeds and were blessed by the hazrath lalubhai qasir (ra) . All three above mentioned auliyas are of great heights in wilayat and are famous and now have big dargahs today.
The sufiyana or arifana kalam of hazrath lalu bhai qasir became famous in balapur, ramanagaram, pengonda sharif, daknikotta, hosur, tirpatur and other places. There are many languages found in his kalam like arabic, farsi, kannanda, telgu, tamil, sanskrit etc. All peers and mashayaks know about the arifana kalam of hazrath khwaja lalu bhai qasir chisti (ra).
Abdulla saheb ( Muthawalli & Imam of Housur ) also rendered many services and Khimats to Hazrath Lalu Bhai Qasir R.A and Mufti Moulana Mayel saheb has written many poems about the said saint. Hazrath mehshar rehbari ( one of the great and prominent urdu poet of bangalore) is known as shayer-e-astana hazrath lalu bhai qasir (ra) Because he was the only urdu poet who has written many poems and rendered his other services to the said sufi saint contineuously for many years in Bangalore.
One of the sher of late hazrath mehshar rehbarri bangalore on auliyas :
Qasam allah ki kul kayenath allah walon ki
Misala-e- ayeena hai pak zaat allah walon ki
Muqam apna badal lete hain chup jate hain nazron se
Kahan hoti hai batao wafaat allah walon ki