Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Saheb's {Chennai}

Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) had the deepest love for Qutb-ul-Aqtab, Hazarath Ghous-e-Pak (Rali). He has sung so many songs on Allahu Jalla Jalaluhu Thaala, Rasul-e-Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi Va Sallam and on Hazarath Ghous-e-Pak (Rali). Every word in those songs is an ocean of Irfan.
What a lay-man will understand by reading the above lines. That's the height of love, Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) had towards Parwar Digaar-E-Alam, Allahu Jalla Jalaluhu Thaala.

He lowered his Nafs in that way. He used to say - there is no sinner in the world but I'm the greatest sinner. He says - "Our body is septic tank" which our toilets are connected to. In all the possible ways, he had lowered himself in front of ALLAH, Rasul-e-Kareem, Sallallahu Alaihi Va Sallam and Ghous-e-Pak (Rali) that nobody can do.
SubhanALLAH. I can't express his Darajah/Makham/Heights he achieved in Wilyath. So many Awliyah-ALLAH used to go very deepest in the jungle and tried to meet Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) to convey salam and on the way, many Awliyahs died as well. Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) used to be in thorns in Zikr status. He didn't marry because of the love He (rali) had towards Mahboob-e-Subhani (Rali)
Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) requested ALLAH to hide his Makham and want to be away from Dhuniya even after his Pardha. Very few may guide you when you go to his Dargah in Royapuram, Madras.

It's a very very very simple Mazar-e-Mubarak but Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) is the Qutb-e-Qalandhar of his time undoubtedly. He got Baiyath directly from Ghous-e-Pak (rali). He (rali) used to call Ghous-e-Pak (rali) as Kunangudi (meaning - the one where good character stays ) so Ghous-e-Pak (rali) kept the same name to him (rali) while giving Baiyath.
His height of Wilayath is the highest of the highest of the highest of the………………………………………….go endlessly…SubhanALLAH…I will talk for years about Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali).
Everest is a tiny particle in front of the love Hazarath Kunangudi Masthan Sahib (Rali) had towards Ghous-e-Pak (Rali). He says to Ghous-e-Pak (Rali)
"You will control crores of Dhuniya (which ALLAH has created) in your hand as ball and play with it"
"You will shake the 7 Dhuniyas (Which ALLAH has created) and play with them on youn hand"

"You will stitch Dhniya/Aahirath into an Atom and play with it"
"You will insert the 7 seas into a mustard and stir them"
"Please come in front of this Ghulam "
"I am becoming the worst and worst even after I submit myself in your holy feets"
"You're the Badhusha and my Peer-o-Murshid, in whom good character (kunangudi) stays"

Hazarath (Rali) used not to wear any dress but used to close his hygienic part alone. He used to live in the deepest/dreadful jungle area where even Animals will fear to live. Thorns are his houses where he (rali) used to be in Zikr status. Qutb of Qutbs in his lifetime. World No.1 lover of Ghous-e-Pak (Rali)
Ceremonies observed during Urs/Sandhal
Mubarak of Hazrath Kunangudi Masthan Saheb (RA)

Raising Nishan-e-Pak - 29th of Rabi-ul-Sani
Sandhal Mubarak - 13th of Jamadh-ul-Awwal
Urs Mubarak - 14th of Jamadhu-ul-Awwal
Dropping Nishan-e-Pak - 26th of Jamadh-ul-Awwal

About Royapuram:- A locality of Chennai, South India, it is the place where the first railway station of south India was constructed, and from where the laying down of the second railway line of the South Asia commenced in 1850s. This railway line extended from Royapuram (Madras) to Arcot, then capital of the Carnatic region. This railway line was opened for traffic on July 1, 1856.

Bus Route to Royapuram in Chennai : 1, 4B, 4D, 6, 6A, 6C, 6D, 8A, 31, 56H and 56N. Please get down at Royapuram Market and ask for the Dargah from muslim people and they will guide you, Insha ALLAH