Friday, June 8, 2012

Hadi Rehman {Lahore, Pakistan}

The shrine of Hazrat Pir Hadi Rahnuma is on Lawrence Road. It is a splendid but old edifice, now in a state of decay, built on a raised platform. The mausoleum is built in the form of a summer house, and has double rooms and verandas on all the four sides, each being built in the form of a dome. There are five arched rooms on each side. Pir Hadi Rahnuma was a descendant of Hazrat Shams Tabrizi whose mausoleum is at Multan. The saint died in 1282. The saint was very popular with the Khojas who built a splendid edifice to the memory of the saint. The mausoleum was originally decorated with marble lattice work of exquisite beauty. Round the roof there were raillints of marble. The arches were supported by pillars of sandstone. The mausoleum was deprived of these decorations by the Sikhs.