Friday, June 8, 2012

Khwaja Mehmud (Hazrat Eishan) {Lahore, Pakistan}

Khwaja Mehmud (also known as Hazrat Eishan) was a Sufi religious leader from Bukhara who moved to Lahore during the reign of Shah Jahan. He was a contemporary with Hazrat Mian Mir and was also noted as a great scholar and physician.

The shrine of Hazrat Eishan is to the west Begumpura on the old road to Shalimar. The original name of the saint was Khawaja Mahmud. In the time of Akbar the saint lived in Kashmir. During the reign of Jahangir he lived at Agra. He shifted to Lahore during the reign of Shah Jahan. The saint was a geat scholar and a physician. He was a contemporary of Hazrat Mian Mir, and held religious discuourses with him. The saint died durings the closing years of the reign of Shah Jahan. The mausoleum was built by the saint himself during his lifetime.

Abdus Samad Khan and Zakriya Khan the Nazims of the Punjab in the 18th century were the descendants of the saint. During the rule of these Nawabs the shrine was very popular. The Ulema assembled in the ‘Tasbih Khanas’ bread was distributed to the poor, and each poor man got a rupee in cash besides.