Friday, June 8, 2012

Abdul Razzar Makki {Lahore, Pakistan}

The Nila Gumbad of the blue dome is situated on the cross road leading from the Anarkali to the district courts. It is a lofty and spacious dome surmounted by a cuppola of porcelain. It is the tomb of Hazrat Abdul Razzak Makki, a saint who coming from Ghazni in the early years of the Mughal rule settled in Lahore. He was a disciple of Hazrat Mauj Darya Bukhari whose shrine is on Edwards Road. The mausoleum was erected by the disciples of the saint. A spacious mosque is attached to the shrine where there are large congregations on the occasion of Friday prayers. During the Sikh period the mosque was used as a millery quarters. Later the British used it as a Mess House. The mosque was restored to the Muslims in 1856.