Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KAMAR ALI DARVESH DARGAH {Pune, Maharashtra, India}

Location: Shivapur Near Pune City, Maharashtra
Two Huge Stones, Which Can Be Lifted
Kamar Ali Darvesh Dargah is situated in Shivapur, a small village around 16 km away from Pune city . This Dargah is visited by people belonging to all religions. The special feature of this Dargah is that it has two huge stones, which can lifted by reciting the sacred name of Kamar Ali Darvesh in one breath.

Out of the two stones one can be lifted up by a group of seven people using just one finger each, with all the seven of them saying Kamar Ali Darvesh in one breath. The other stone can be lifted the same way, the only difference is the people in the group should be eleven. Though it may be spiritual or scientific, it still remains a mystery how it is possible to lift the stones. There is an 'Urus' or fair held at Shivapur once in a year.


 Road: Tourists can get down at Pune and then take a bus to this tiny village. There is airport and railway station at Pune . Pune is well connected by road with all the places in the state outside the state also and Regular bus service is available from Pune to Shivapur village.