Monday, June 8, 2009

Name and Lineage Of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh

Imam of Sufis, Data Ganj Bakhsh's blessed name is Syed Ali bin Usman bin Ali Radi Allah Ho T'ala Anho and in the beginning of his renowned book, Kashf al-Mahjub he has stated his name as Abul Hasan Ali bin Usman bin Abi Ali Al-Jullabi Al-Hujwiri Al-Ghaznawi. Data Ganj Bakhsh Radi Allah Ho T'ala Anho was Hasani Syed and was born in Ghazna, Afghanistan. During his childhood he spent some time both in the two suburbs of Ghazna, Jullab where your father's family lived and Hujwir where your mother's family lived.

Darashiku, the author writes in Safina-tul-Awliya that 'Hazrat was native of Ghazna town and Jullab & Hujwir was two suburbs of Ghazna. Hazrat used to live in Jullab but then moved to Hujwir. Your blessed father's grave is in Ghazna and your blessed mother's grave is next to Pir Ali Hujwiri's Mamoo Taj-ul-Auwilyah. Your noble family was famous for their piety and asceticism. Me (Darashiku, faqir) have also visited your shrine (in Lahore), your parents and your Mamoo's shrines. My father, Hazrat Sheikh Ahmed Rahmatullah Alaih, Sajadah-Naseen Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, have travelled across various Islamic countries, such as Hijaz Sharif, Bagdad and Afghanistan, where he used to visit on regular basis. He often used to say that in Ghazna the blessed shrines of Hazrat Ali Hujwiri Rahmatullah Alaih parents and other family members are situated and I have visited them many times. After searching for many times, your noble family members' shrines cannot be found in Ghazna or its suburbs presently'.