Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Death Of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh

There have been many different saying about his death date, and different scholars have stated different dates. Some have stated that he died in 445 h, Darashiku, the author writes in Safina-tul-Awliya states in between 465-466 h and Prof. Nicholson states that he may have died in between 465-469 h. Even after the confusion was his exact death date we have one factor for sure that his death was in 5th century Hijri. When he arrived in Lahore, he build a mosque and his room where he stayed, at the same room he gave up his blessed soul. His blessed Khalifah Hazrat Shekih Hindi lead is funeral prayers and buried him in his blessed room, where his tomb stands to this date after nearly 965 years and is still an active lace for Sufis and other Muslims for spiritual favours and benefits.

It is related that you have died on 9th Muharram 465 hijri. Every year at this date the Ghusal Mubarak takes place where thousands of people attend from all over the world. After nearly 20 days, on 19th Safar your blessed Urs takes place. On 20th Safar the blessed Urs of Sayed-us-Shuhuda Hazrat Imam Hussain takes place. Whereas on 18th of Safar of every year after the prayers of Magrib the Ghusal Mubarak takes place and Chadar's are placed his blessed tomb.