Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shrine Of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh In Lahore

When the great saint arrived in Lahore he also build a new mosque where he stayed. When the mosque was build there was disagreement between the scholars and the great saint regarding the direction of the mosque to kaba. When the mosque was build the great saint invited all the leading scholars of the city to come to the mosque and pray.

When the great saint lead the normal prayers he said to the people, where is the kaba? Which direction, then all the people stood and gathered around and saw the original Kaba. With seeing this from their own sees people got amazed and found out that the great saint was correct. After when the saint died he was buried in the room where he used to live and his shrine even stands today at the central Lahore?s Kila at Magrib direction. His Shrine was firstly build by the Ghaznawi Prince Sultan Ibrahim bin Sultan Masood Ghaznawi during the 429-451 hijri/ 1059-1099 and after that from time to time the construction was extended till now when the Department of Aukaaf, Punjab, Pakistan build an excellent mosque near the shrine and named it Data Darbar Complex. On the walls of the complex there is beautiful Islamic calligraphy of Allah Tala,

Prophet Muhammad PBUH names and of various Quranic Ayats. In this mosque abut 50 000 people can attend the prayers easily. There has been every arrangement for those people who wish to pray and there has been good facilities provided at the complex. There is also different educational institutes established for the purposes of reaching the teaching the Islamic knowledge such as Awliya and Jamia Hujwiria.

At these institutionals there are always Islamic functions held such as Melad Sharif (Prophet Muhammad PBUH blessed Birthday), Naats Functions & Qawaali in specially build halls. There is also one official Research Centre woking for the researching into teachings of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh called ?Ali Hujwiri Chair? in Pakistan?s oldest Univerity of Punjab, Lahore. There are also plans to build a new university called ?Ali Hujwiri University?.

There is also health, social and clinical centres established such as Data Darbar Hospital, Daskari School and centre for the distribution of Drewry. Source Book ?Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh and Department of Religious and Aukaaf, Punjab Lahore, Pakistan.