Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hazrat Pir Syed Mehr Ali Shah (R.A)

Golra Sharif isa shrine of the Sufi Saint Pir Meher Ali Shah in Islamabad, Pakistan. Shrine of Pir Meher Ali Shah of Golra Sharif is located 18 km from Rawalpindi, in sector E-11 of Islamabad.

He was born in 1859, preached and spread the message of Islam during the turbulent times in South Asia. He also wrote beautiful prose and poetry in Persian, Arabic and Punjabi languages. His mausoleum was recently reconstructed comprising of a dome, and a high minaret built with marble.

Hazrat Pir Syed Mehr ‘Ali Shah of Golra Sharif (to be referred to hereinafter simply as “Hadrat”) was a descendent, on his father’s side, of Hazrat Syedna Ghaus- e- Azam Shaikh ‘ Abdul Qadir Jilani in the 25th generation, and of the Holy Prophet of Islam through Syedna Hasan ibn ‘Ali in the 38th generation. On the side of his mother, he was descended from Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam in the 24thHoly Prophet through Syedna Husain ibn ‘Ali in the 37th generation and from the generation.

Two of Hazrat’s ancestors,Pir Syed Roshan Din Shah and Pir Syed Rasul Shah in the year 1211 A.H. by the then head of Syedna Ghaus-e-Azam’s shrine at Baghdad (Iraq), Hazrat Syed habib-e-Mustafa Ibn Syed Qasim Qadiri. This testimonial is preserved in original in Golra Sharif’s shrine records, and its text is reproduced below.

“in point of ancestry and lineage, these two gentlemen, Pir Syed Roshan Din ShahPir Syed Rasul Din Shah, are the off-spring of Hazrat Syedna Shaikh ‘Abdul Qadir Jilani. In point of grace and blessedness, they are his true heirs and legatees, and I regard them as my own sons. Devotees of the exalted Qadiriyah Silsilah (chain) should therefore regard their hand as my hand and their word as my word.” and

Hazrat Syed Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A) was born on Monday, 1st Ramadan, 1275 A.H (14th April 1859 A.D) in Golra Sharif. The time before Hazrat’s birth saw the war of independence of 1857 being fought between the British and the Muslims.