Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sufi saints ( Pir ) in Bangladesh : Chistiya order

Chistiya order has a large number of followers in Bangladesh. This order has got its name from a town called Chist in Afganistan. In India , this order was popularized by Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (RAH) whose grave ( majar ) is located at Ajmeer in India. You can read the biography of this extraordinary saint in this link.
Some of his great Persian books such as " Anisul Arwah " are already translated into Bangla and published by "Chistiya Publications " in Dhaka. Its a great surprise to me !!Those ancient persian books you can not find easily. But, due to the efforts of some lovers of the saint, these books were not lost completely.

In Bangladesh , you can find people celebrating his death anniversary ( Urs ) and visitng his grave. Once , I saw an event where a beardless singer is singing on an event like Urs. Anyway, it seems to me that many (?) of these followers have become corrupted in course of time.

However, you can find a gread number of mureeds who follow the Chistiya order populated by Deoband based sufi shaykhs. In this thread, I will try to give more info about this shaykhs such as Qari Ibrahim (RAH) , Mawlana Hussain Ahmed Madani (RAH) , Hafezzi Hujur (RAH) etc.

Qari Ibrahim (RAH) who has got khilafat in less than 20 days from Mawlana Rasheed Ahmed Gongohi (RAH) whose biography is available here.

Qari Ibrahim (RAH) is a very high ranking saint attaining the rank of Qutub. His grave is located at Ujani , Comillah. A big madrasah is established in that area. I have read his biography written in Bangla. What an extraordinary lover of Allah he was !! He will simply be spell-bound. Sadly, no English version of his biography is available so far.

Qari Ibrahim (RAH) has left behind a number of khulafa. Among them , the most famous khalifa is Chor Monair Pir Saheb (RAH).

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