Friday, April 4, 2014

K. T. PUSPONEGORO (Indonesia)

The grave complex of Kandjeng Tumenggung Poesponegoro lies directly behind the tomb of Maulana Malik Ibrahim at Gapura Wetan. That the tombs should lie adjacent to one another is perhaps fitting, since together they mark the beginning and end of an era. Maulana Malik Ibrahim, as the 'father' of the Wali Songo, preached in Gresik early in the 15th century, until his death in A.D. 1419.
Two and a half centuries later, at the end of the 1 600's, the spiritual stronghold of the Wali Songo at Giri was overthrown by the forces of the Central Javanese kingdom of Mataram and K . T. Poesponegero was appointed first Regent of Gresik. Whereas the tombstone of Maulana Malik Ibrahim was imported directly from India, the grave of K.T. Poesponegoro shows the religion of Islam fully integrated within the Javanese artistic tradition.
Wandering through the maze of crumbling walls and gateways, the visitor will be confronted by a wealth of ornament and symbolism, which ultimately owes its inspiration to the influence of the Wali Songo, the nine great propagators of Islam in Java.

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