Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Israel Demolished 90 Houses and demolished 191

Center of Information concerning Israeli Settlement and Apartheid Wall Affairs highlighted Monday the escalating pace at which house demolitions  are carried out and demolition notices are served since the beginning of the current year of 2014.
Since the beginning of the current year, Israeli authorities have handed 191 demolition notices for Palestinians’ properties and carried out 90 demolitions that involved the demolition of 27 houses, 4 tents, a mosque, 43 structures, 4 water tanks, 3 public utilities and 8 commercial shops, said the center in a report.
According to Director of the Center Jamil al-Barghouthi, the demolitions and demolition notices have targeted all West Bank areas, primarily Jerusalem; which has formed a part of the Israeli occupations and settlers’ systematic policy to Judaize Jerusalem and displace its indigenous people.
Al-Barghouthi called upon relevant international institutions and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to protect the Palestinian people and hold the Israeli occupation accountable for such crimes.

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