Tuesday, April 22, 2014

‘Brits no more proud in nationality’

The pride of British people in their national identity has fallen to an all time low, a new study shows.
Figures from the British Social Attitudes survey, to be published later this year, revealed earlier this week that only a third of people are “very proud” to be British, compared with 43 percent a decade ago.
The study also showed that the number of those who are “somewhat proud” (almost 47 per cent) has now overtaken the 35 percent “very proud.”
Women are slightly less proud than men and the young and highly educated Britons are far less proud to be British than previous generations or those with fewer qualifications, the study showed.
“I think on a political sense, the way that Britain does betray itself to other countries, maybe it’s not quite the super power we think it is. That can have a detrimental impact on people’s perception of being British,” a student told Press TV.
“I won’t really say that I was proud to be British, I wasn’t really proud to be British. I feel especially for young people that we do not really get help to start our careers out,” another student said.
Experts say Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war and the economic recession has had a knock-on effect on the pride of British people in their national identity.

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