Friday, April 4, 2014

Hazrat Syed Mohammed Sarwar Shah Taji (RA)

Hazrat Syed Mohammed Sarwar Taji (RA) was a murid of Hz Baba Tajuddin (RA). He was a great follower of Baba Tajuddin and a great poet,his poetry is filled with esoteric knowledge and revealed the Irfan to the Salik of the path of Haq.
His antecedence before his arrival to Nagpur are not known as he never discussed with anybody. He was se
Though he had thousand of disciples in nook and corner of India, both rich, whenever he went. He wrote simple dress and took simple food. He imparted rich spiritually training and taught worthy religious lessons.en healthy and youthful for several years. Only few years before he breathed his last, he started growing gray hairs.

A Parsi gentleman Mr. Fouzdar is his successor. Mr. Fouzdar is holding a high post in a Bank.
He departed this world on Friday 28th Zil-Hajj and his is entombed in Tajabad.

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