Friday, November 16, 2012

Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Deewano Sultan Hashmi

Hazrat Syed Sultan Abdul Magees-ul-Maroof Syed shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] has been a prominent saint of the Sindh, Pakistan.He was born in 581AH. In Yemen. His father's name was Emperor Syed Hussain Shah. They are known as emperors as they were rules of Yemen.His pedigree links with Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim (r.a) His father inherited Kingdom.

King: Shah Deewano Sultan was still a 24 years old when his father left for eternity, and he became king of Yemen. He ruled Yemen justly and generously. One night Holy Prophet (s.a.w) gave the good news (Basharat) in a dream.He gave up kingdom and adopted common life and at once left for Madina accompanying with Syed Sakhi Ismaeel Shah who had been advisor during his kingdom and later became his devotee and follower.Hazrat Syed Sultan Abdul Magees-ul-Maroof Syed Shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] Stayed in Madina for 6 months.Holly Prophet (s.a.w) again gave him good news (Basharat) for going to Sindh to serve the people and peach the message of peace, right and goodness. It came to know through villagers that the village name was Bari, .He said that the village name was not Bari but Thari.His shrine is at the same village at Thari.

An event happened In Thari that is considered to be his miracle. Hazrat Syed Sultan Abdul Magees-ul-Maroof Syed Shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] liked a portion of land of mango orchard, he inquired of orchard owner. Villager told that orchard owner was Jam Joonu who was in Jail in a murder case in Delhi.

His Miracles: He left for Delhi when reached at Delhi at Jamna River. He filled abulation pot with water and closed it with his hand at once Jamna River got emptied. Then king became surprised at last the king being compelled released Jam Joonu.As he lifted his hand from pot River started flowing normally with pomp and show. Then he paid money to the owner and purchased the 100 acers land of mango orchard. Some of the hypo critics kindled Jam Joonu for demanding more money for the land,on this Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Deewano Sultan [May Allah be pleased with him] paid him as per his demand . Again Jam Joonu greedy and demanded additional payment and Syed shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] paid. The greed of Jam Jonnu increased and demanded for more money. Syed shah Deewano [may Allah be pleased him] replied to Jam Joonu that if there in orchard thorns were then these would be his, all people went and saw that whole mango orchard was turned into thorns. He purchased about 100 acers of land and dedicated to his lovers and devotees. He said that any dedicated devotee was buried in that land and would be blessed with solace and grace that is why his thousands of devotees wish to be buried in that graveyard. When Jam Joonu died he buried in that graveyard the next morning of his dead body was found hung in those thorns. Then he was buried at little distance of that graveyard.

Different cast holder; Khaskheli, Bagrani, Qambrani, Jooneja, and others who love Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] are buried in that graveyard.

Immortal life: Hazrat Syed Sultan Abdul Magees-ul-Maroof Syed Shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] died in 653 A.H 26th Ramzan-ul-Mubarak.

Saintly life:
He led his life in simplicity, meditation and whole day used to sit under the shadow of tree.
Who so ever came to him he was blessed his prayers. His prayers, good wishes would ever bless his followers. Every year thousands of the people come at his shrine.
This saint who left his kingdom and adopted simple life wore dress of a blanket which always wrapped.
This was his material and wealth.

His work of preaching and directing the people the people to good and right path continued and many people came in the fold of Islam viz Oodheja, Bhatti, Khaskheli, Juneja etc.

 Annual Urs and followers: His annual Urs is held every year on 26th Ramzan-ul-Mubarak.
 On occasion of Annual Urs People come from across Pakistan: Quetta, Peshawar,Lahore,Faisalabad,Karachi,Hyderabad,Matli,Badin,Mirpurekhas and in foreign countries Saudi Arabia, America, Japan, Australia, England, Hindustan, Germany etc.
On the eve of Shab-e-Qadar devotees pass whole night in the prayers, praise, Milaad and Naat.

On that day the serviceman (Khadim) of that shrine Fakeer Abdul Qayoom Memon "Aajiz" conducts prayers with high submissiveness, modesty and humbleness,along with his son Dilshad Ali "Dilber" Mastano who is about 16 years old, like his father compose poetry in Sindhi and Urdu.
Annual Jashan-e-Eid Milaad-un-Nabi S.A.W  is held at shrine with full swing, and the shrine of Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Deewano sultan Hashmi and Hazrat Syed Sakhi Ismaeel Shah is bathed Annually. Whereas thousands of devotees across Pakistan attend this and they are being graced with spiritual wealth for centuries.

Iftari for thousands:On this occasion his annual Urs, on 26th of Ramzan Iftari (food served for breaking fast) is served to about fifty thousand fasting people.

Servicemen: The momentous period comes for devotees when the chief servicemen Fakeer Abdul Qayoom Memon and his son Dilshad Ali Mastano lead blissful prayers at the grave of saint in spiritual manners for the followers, devotees, attendants,servicemen and whole universe. The participants, there are spiritually inspired and strengthened.
Dilshad Ali Mastano son of the cheif sevicemen of shrine Faqeer Abdul Qayoom Memon since early age along with his father conducts prayers for devotees.
May Allah Almighty accept their prayers be showered upon with his bountiful and unlimited blessing.(Aameen)