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Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi dating back to 10th A.H. came to Sindh from Baghdad. Sindh was then under the rule of Shah Baig Arghoon. His ancestors are from Hazrat Shah Abdul Qadir Jillani.
He was awarded the title of Ashabi by local scholars .He taught Islamic teaching to the people surrounding the area. He converted Hindus to Muslims in large numbers.    
URS celebrations are on 13th to 15th Sha’ban every year.
Location: Dargah is located in Shahre-Khamoshan Dargah Makli graveyard an National Highway in Thatta.

Sindh - Smaller Towns صُوبہ سندھ اور ذیلی علاقے
1. Hazrat Makhdum Bilawal (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Goth Makhdum Sahib, Sindh
2. Hazrat Pir Syed Ahmed Shah Ghazi Jillani (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Ranipur, Sindh
3. Hazrat Samundari Baba (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Goth Abdul Rahman
4. Hazrat Al-Makhdoom Syed Fazal Hussain Shah Gillani (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Sanghar
5. Hazrat Fakeer Haji Bisham Barohi (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Goth Haji Bisham
6. Hazrat Kashti Walay Baba (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Marli Hills, near Thatha
7. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Marli Hills, near Thatha
8. Unknown Mazar at Samoni
9. Unknown Mazar at Mangsi
10. Hazrat Syed Abdul Rahman Baba (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Samoni
11. Hazrat Shah Murad Sherazi (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Samoni
12. Hazrat Noori Jam Tamachi (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), in the middle of Kinjhar Lake
13. Hazrat Lashkar Shah Khurasi (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Goth Adal, near Tandu Adam
14. Hazrat Fakeer Ghulam Hyder (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Khori, near Tandu Mitha Khan
15. Hazrat Laki Shah Sadar (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Laki, between Abad and Sehwen
16. Hazrat Qadir Bakhsh aka Baba Kandu Fakir (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Jhol
17. Hazrat Syed Ali Shah (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Kameji
18. Hazrat Dharmon Fakeer (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Goth Haji Sulaiman
19. Hazrat Ghazi Ghulam Haider Rafeequi (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Khori
20. Unknown Mazar at Sanghar
21. Unknown Mazar at Sindhri
22. Hazrat Syed Sakhi Saadi Mosati (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Nawa Goth
23. Hazrat Pir Sain Rashid Roze Dhani (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Pir Jo Goth
24. Hazrat Qibla Syed Gul Muhammad Shah Bukhari (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Hussainabad Sharif Kamber, Sujawal
25. Hazrat Syed Sakhi Jamil Shah Datar Gurnari (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Pir Patho
26. Hazrat Khwaja Allah Bakhsh (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh)
27. Hazrat Ali Bakhsh aka Allan Fakir (Rehmat Ullah Alaigh), Housing society Jamshoro