Monday, June 18, 2012

Hazrat Haaji Malang Baba Ra. (A Great Sufi Saint of 12th century AD ) {Kalyan, India}

 Fountain by (Dhuldhul) Horse kicking
 Inside Cavern the Prayer place of
Hazrat Haaji Malang Baba Ra.

According to History Hazrat Al-Haaj Abdur Rehmaan Alais Haaji Malang Baba Rehmatullah Aleh came from Saudi Arabia in 12th century AD by the order of His Peer-o-Murshid Ra. for save people's from Cruel Giant's (Devni-a diffrent type of beings which we cant imagine) Cruelty. (Insha'allah We add history very soon)
Location: 56 Km. From Kalyan to Brhaman Wadi its take 1 ½ hr. bus journey from Kalyan S.T. Depot. INDIA.