Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hazarath Behlul Sha Khadri (R.A)

Hazart Behlul Sha Vali Rehmathullalaih, was a saint of 12th century and a resident of Penukonda. He waged war on evil spirits and wicked forces for a long time and subdued their evil doing so,he sacrificed His life. On hearing the news of the demise of this daring saint, Syed Mujaharuddin Thabai Alam (R.A),the follower and Disciple of Hazrat Syedna Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) immediately rushed to the spot and cremated the saint.

His dargah is in Penukonda on NH 7 towards Bangalore 2.5 KMs away from Dargah of Hazarth Syedna Khwaja Baba Fakhruddin (R.A)