Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hazarat Baba Fakhruddin

Birth of Hazarat Baba Fakhruddin
 Hazrath Baba Fakhruddin was born on the 26 Th day of holy Ramzan and the auspicious occasion of Lailat-ul-Khadar in 564 Hijri (1169 CE).It is recorded in the book ‘Shahgada Qalandar’authored by Hazarth Syedna Usuf Qattal (R.A),Bibi Fatima Sagair, mother of Baba Fakhruddin conceived Baba after consuming the Jannati Niyamat given by Hazarath Khizr (AS).As foretold by Hazrat Khizr (AS),recitation of holy Quran was heard from the womb of Bibi Fatima Sagair during the month of Ramzan and Baba was born after the  completion of recitation of Quran.

His Education and Childhood
Hazarth Baba Fakhruddin was accompanied by Hazarath Maqdoom Syed Ali Chillakash (R.A), who was his cousin, Son of Bibi Fatima Makki Kabir , during his education and life. Hazarath Syed Ali was one year one month elder to Baba Both were inducted in same madarasa, when masters initiated Baba they were astonished with the eloquence at the age of 4 Yrs. Both memorized holy Quqaran in 6 months, they also learnt successfully completed the courses on Arabic Grammar and interpretation of Quran in 4 yrs.
 After the successful completion of the Islamic studies, both were trained on archery, swordsmanship and other battle field related courses. Baba excelled in this art too and won his Emperor father Hazrath Sultan Syed Hussain (R.A)’s confidence.

Baba enthroned as Emperor
Hazarath Sultan Syed Hussain (R.A) crowned Baba as an Emperor of Sistan and Shahpur, he also bestowed Caliphate, Asa (Hand Stick) and dastar (Holy Cloth) to Baba. To commemorate this event 25,000 mosques were built and alms were given to poor.