Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Syed Hussain (R.A)

Hazarath Sultan Syed Hussain (R.A) renounces the world

After the discharging the duty as an Emperor, Hazrat Sultan Syed Hussain (R.A) decided to renounce this world and seclude himself and deeply engross in the worship of almighty Allah. He was great ruler who always observed the commandments of Islam as an Emperor. After this decision, he isolated himself in a hut and resided till his last breath in Allah’s meditation.
          That year it was the year of Haj-e-akbar, after receiving the approval of parents and appointing Hazrat Syed Ali (R.A) as in-charge, Baba went to pilgrimage and returned. One day a Sufi Saint Hazarath Sheikh Ruknuddin Fatah (R.A), requested Hazrat Sultan Syed Hussian (R.A) to opine about Jihad. Replying to the query, Hazrat Sultan Syed Hussian (R.A) said, JIHAD has three letters, first Arabic  letter  Ji refers to Jeenat ,meaning sexual desires, second letter Ha refers to hanas meaning desires and the third letter Dal refers to duniya meaning Materialistic World. He who leaves all three performs Jihad. On hearing the above words Hazarath Sheikh Ruknuddin Fatah (R.A) said Oh! Hazarth Sultan Syed Hussian (R.A), you are the true personification of Jihad.