Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Islam is a perfect religion which provides solution to every problem and answer to every question. As the word 'Islam' means 'peace', it is effectively the religion of every human who likes peace. Peace within a human being, peace of mind, peace at home, peace in the society, and peace in the world. In other words Islam is a way of achieving peace by submitting to the Will of God.

Peace loving people welcomed and accepted Islam throughout the ages since the birth of Adam (peace be upon him). The modern laws of Islam were revealed from God (Allah) to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Angel Gabriel some 1420 years ago. People who like peace, equality, and honesty in the society always welcome Islam. The only people reject this message of peace from their Creator are the wrong-doers and mischief makers.

Today, more than one billion people around the globe practice Islam, not only as their religion, but also their way of life. One-fifth of the world population from all races, every origin and nationalities regardless of their athnicity, culture or language follow Islamic teachings. In America, an estimated 130,000 people are converting to Islam every year.

Blessed are those who accept Islam and become the folowers of a natural way of life. Allah's has given human beings will-power and ability to think and differeciate between wrong and right, and His message is very clear about it: "This is the path of your Lord, a straight way. Indeed, We have detailed our Revelations for the people who think. For them is abode of peace with their Lord; He will be their protecting friend because of their good deeds." [The Holy Qur'an, Surah 6:126-127]

Why People Embrace Islam?

People are converting to Islam for a number of reasons: mostly personal reasons, while others become Muslims also on the basis of cultural, social and spiritual characteristics of Islam. The followings are some key aspects that mainly draw many people, particularly Christians and Jews to Islamic Faith:

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