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List of converts to Islam from Christianity


  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor) – retired basketball player & the NBA's all-time leading scorer. He initially converted from Christianity to The Nation of Islam to mainstream Sunni Islam.
  • Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Chris Jackson) – retired basketball player
  • Tariq Abdul-Wahad (Olivier Saint-Jean) – originally from France, former basketball player for the Mavericks and Kings
  • Thomas J. Abercrombie – photographer
  • Éric Abidal (changed his name to Bilal) – French football player, converted to Islam after marriage.
  • Ivan Aguéli (Johan Agelii) – Swedish painter.
  • Akhenaton – French rapper and producer of French hip hop.
  • Muhammed al-Ahari born 6 January 1965 as Ray Allen Rudder is an American essayist, scholar and writer on the topics of American Islam, Black Nationalist groups, heterodox Islamic groups and modern occultism.
  • Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar (Sharmon Shah) – former NFL player
  • Sana al-Sayegh, dean of the Science and Technology Faculty at Palestine International University, converted to Islam in August 2007. Fatah has accused its political rival Hamas of forcing the professor to convert from Christianity, a charge Hamas denies.
  • Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.; 17 January 1942), from Baptist to The Nation of Islam to Sunni Islam. Famous American professional boxer (3 time world heavyweight champion), philanthropist and social activist.
  • Rowland Allanson-Winn, 5th Baron Headley – British soldier and peer.
  • Ryan G. Anderson – former Lutheran, convicted of charges of espionage for Al Qaeda
  • Farqad as-Sabakhi – an Armenian Islamic preacher who was formerly a Christian known for his knowledge of Judeo-Christian scriptures.


  • Kristiane Backer – a German television presenter, television journalist and author residing in London.
  • Yasin Abu Bakr (Lennox Philip) – of Trinidad and Tobago,
  • Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker (Philip Barker) – professor of Urdu, former chair of the University of Minnesota's Department of South Asian studies and creator of the Tékumel fantasy world.
  • Kevin Barrett – university lecturer and member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
  • Abdullah Beg of Kartli – Georgian convert to Islam[22] who was a claimant to the kingship of Kartli.
  • David Belfield – American, fled to Iran after assassinating Ali Akbar Tabatabai, an Iranian dissident.
  • Ronald Bell or Khalis Bayyan (born 1 November 1951, Youngstown, Ohio) is an American singer, composer and saxophonist
  • Józef Bem – Polish and Hungarian general
  • Mohammed Knut Bernström – Swedish ambassador to Venezuela (1963–1969), Spain (1973–1976) and Morocco (1976–1983)
  • Ibrahim Bey – an Egyptian Mamluk of Georgian Christian origins.
  • Art Blakey – American Jazz musician
  • Wojciech Bobowski – raised Protestant, he was a Polish musician and translator of the Bible into Ottoman Turkish.
  • Omar Bongo – Gabonese, President of Gabon.
  • Claude Alexandre de Bonneval or Humbaracı Ahmet Paşa was an 18th-century French nobleman.
  • Tawana Brawley (changed her name to Maryam Muhammad) – African American woman noted for claiming to have been raped by several white men, a claim determined to be a fabrication by a grand jury. Later in life she converted to Islam.
  • Willie Brigitte – French convert to Islam who associated with al-Qaeda in Pakistan and was possibly involved in a plot to conduct a terrorist operation in Australia.
  • Dolores "LaLa" Brooks – American musician.



  • Daniel Streich-is a Swiss military instructor, community council member and a former member of Swiss People's Party.




  • Adam Gadahn (born Adam Pearlman) – al-Qaeda English language spokesman. Home-schooled Christian.
  • G. Willow Wilson - An American comics writer, prose author, essayist, and journalist.



  • Silma Ihram – formerly a born again Baptist who is an Australian pioneer of Muslim education in the West, founder and former school Principal of the 'Noor Al Houda Islamic College', campaigner for racial tolerance, and Author.
  • Ahmed el Inglizi – was an English architect and engineer who worked for the Sultan of Morocco Mohammed ben Abdallah in the 18th century and converted to Islam.
  • Iyasu V – Ethiopian emperor.














  • Siraj Wahaj – Former Baptist. African-American Imam, noted for his efforts to eliminate Brooklyn's drug problems.
  • Alexander Russell Webb – Former Presbyterian. American journalist, newspaper owner, and former Consul-General of the U.S.A. in the Philippines.
  • Suhaib Webb – American Islamic activist and speaker.
  • Dawud Wharnsby-Ali (David Wharnsby) – Canadian singer/poet.
  • John Whitehead – an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.
  • Danny Williams – British boxer
  • Sonny Bill Williams – New Zealand Rugby Union Rep player(All Blacks)& NZ Rep League Player(Kiwis)
  • Timothy Winter – prominent British Islamic thinker and scholar, and a lecturer in Islamic studies in the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge.


  • Malcolm X – was a leading African-American Muslim minister, public speaker, and human rights activist. He converted from Christianity to The Nation of Islam and later to mainstream Sunni Islam.
  • Abel Xavier – former Portuguese professional footballer converted to Islam with his new name Faisal.



Mohammed Zakariya – an American master of Arabic calligraphy, best known for his work on the popular Eid U.S. postage stamp.

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