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Hazrat Baba Qadir Taji (RA) – Khalifa of Hz Baba Tajuddin (RA)

Hazrat Baba Khadar Auliya (RA) was a Sufi saint of Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh.His pious parents descended of a royal family of Trichinapalli and they settled at Vizianagaram.  He was bestowed with Ilm-e-Marifat from the Tajul Awliya Hazrat Baba Tajuddin (RA) at Nagpur,India.

Khadar Baba comes of the well-known stock of the Nawabs of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. His ancestors were all devout and pious. Khadar Khan is the name of his grand father. His own parents are Muhammad Ali Khan and Bima Bibi. It is said of his paternal uncle Sirdar Khan that he lead the life of a Fakir at Visakhapatnam, and that he used to light a wick left floating on sea water. Such was his power as attested by people who saw him performing the miracle. There is in the military barracks at Bellary the grave of Khadar Baba’s grandmother. It was her desire that place should be her final resting place, but since it was a military barracks, permission could not be granted to inter her last remains there. But it appears that the body could not be moved from the place, and the spirit of the lady appeared in a vision to the then Governor of Madras and asked him for the permission. He of course wired the authorities at Bellary and then only could the body be raised and carried to the place of burial.

Khadar Baba was born on the fourth day of Kartik in the year Vikari (1899, Nov) in his ancestral home in Vizianagram. We have just a few incidents to record of his childhood days. Once when the baby was asleep on the cot, a serpent was about to sting him, but a huge cat sprung upon it suddenly and put it to death and disappeared. Another time when the boy was asleep in the hut of his wet-nurse in Kanapaka, a nearby village, there was a devastating outbreak of fire. The nurse was away on some business. Many of the huts on either side were completely destroyed by the fire, but that in which the boy was sleeping was miraculously saved.
One evening, when the boy went out on a walk to the black tank he found that he was following a ghost. He commanded it to go back but it followed him right up to his home. There the boy turned upon it and said threateningly “you have not obeyed me. see what I shall do to you.” The mother heard these words and asked him whom he was threatening, and when she heard the story she was quaking with fear and adjured the boy not to go near the haunted tank again. What could the poor lady know that her son was capable of destroying all evil spirits?
At the proper age the boy was put to school. He was taking his lessons along with hindu boys, in the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavata. He was acquired knowledge of the three r’s, some Telugu and a little English. Though quick in learning Baba was not at all satisfied with the kind of knowledge that was imparted to him at school. He understood that it would only be a means of livelihood but could not explain the mystery of life. He used to question himself of what ultimate good that study was which could not reveal why and wherefore of human life. Such were the thoughts of Baba both while he was going to school and while returning from school.
Unlike the other boys he would never visit cinemas or theaters. He would often seek solitude and there, he would be deeply absorbed in his own thoughts. He would spend hours and hours in lonely places thinking about the mysteries of man and god. He would however be an enthusiastic attendant at religious gatherings, whether Hindu or Muslim. He was thus constantly occupied with thoughts of god. Yet he never believed in outward show. He also never knew how to tell a lie or to seek a selfish advantage at the expense of another.
When he was in his eight standard, he found that he could no longer continue his studies. Deep was his dissatisfaction that he gave up attending school. At that time he was fond of riding. Once he was riding a horse and suddenly he was thrown down and the horse returned home riderless. Alarmed at the animal coming back without the boy, the servant ran up along the Kumily road and found that boy injured, bleeding and surrounded by vegetable vendors from the surrounding village. From that time, Baba has not sat on a horse back again. Bust strangely his murshid commanded him to have his khanqah at the exact place where he was thrown down by the horse. It is there that Baba has made his permanent place of residence and it is from there that he has been radiating light.
Soon after he left school the boy began to show a perfect indifference to food and sleep and creature comforts. He was also unconscious of the natural distinctions of the various grades and ranks of social life. He was threatening all alike. His father could ofcourse know that the boy was quite different from the ordinary run of mankind and that he was destined to be a great soul. He would often read from the Quran and explain passages to the boy or make him read. it was never his intention to compel the boy to acquire a formal school education.
At that time Baba’s heart was shaken by a severe storm. It was like a wind tossed flower. He felt like the calf strayed from its mother. Who was to show the path to truth? He could place no trust in pretenders to knowledge. How to find out the real murshid? The realized soul? The future looked dark. There were none to encourage him, but there were many to throw obstacles in his way. How to emerge into light? Thus thinking he would often sit until nightfall under the banyan tree on Kumili ghat road.
It was then that a favorite disciple of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur arrived at Vizianagram. His arrival was preceded and followed by a wave of devotion for Hazrat Tajuddin Baba. Among those who visited that great man was Khadar Baba who was then a boy of fifteen years. As soon as he saw the boy, he called him and placing his hands on the head of the boy said “you will be a great man and all your desires will be fulfilled.”
Still the boy was not satisfied. His great ambition now was to take shelter at the feet of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba, the murshid of murshids. But would his parents allow him to proceed to such a distant place as Nagpur? His mother however seemed to be on his side. She said that he might go after sometime. The boy’s agitation increased and he decided to sever, if necessary, his connections with his parents. He again never asked for his mother’s permissions. This time she gave it and sent him with her blessings.
The boy was naturally confused in the great city of Nagpur. His problem was how to meet Hazrat Tajuddin Baba, at whose durbar multi-millionaires and rajas had to keep waiting in order to obtain audience. Supposing he had darshan, how could he, young as he was, let him know his inner desire. Thus lost in his own thoughts, he sitting in a mango tope near Hazrat Tajuddin Baba’s palace. Just then somebody approached him and asked him in Urdu “who is the boy that has come from Vizianagram?” Then Khadar Baba said that was himself. The man further said “Hazrat Tajuddin Baba wants you to meet him.” Khadar’s delight was boundless. He thought
“he indeed is the real murshid, who knows the unexpressed desires of his disciples.”
Soon Khadar Baba became the foremost favorite of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba for he had an old head on young shoulders. He had a heart of immeasurable depth. No wonder that he so easily earned the love of Tajuddin. It is only a mahatma that can recognize another mahatma.  Hazrat Tajuddin would often make Khadar sit side by side and reveal his secrets to him. Baba would not have his tea without Khadar by his side. He would at times hand over his ‘beedi’ to Khadar and ask him to smoke it. HazratHazrat Tajuddin was then of an advanced age. His body was shriveled and drived up. Khadar was tender adn young and attractive beyond words. Perhaps it was Tajuddin’s desire to come out of his old and tornout coat and enter his young form.
There were those in Tajuddin’s darbar who were jealous of the immense favour that was being extended to the boy. With a view to insulting and distressing him, they set him to the task of hewing wood. The boy did it gladly but his tender hands not accustomed to wielding the axe, became swollen and had blisters on them. He was finding it very painful and so inwardly prayed to his murshiddev to relieve him from the pain. Immediately, Hazrat Tajuddin who was then in meditation, got up and calling those near, showed them his hands and said “see how my hands are swollen and bleeding. Where is Khadar? Call him here. Khadar came and Hazrat Tajuddin told him “did your hands bleed? were you feeling pain? well, my hands also do bleed and cause me pain. no matter, shake it off, the pain will vanish.” All were wonder struck at these words and the people around thought that Hazrat Tajuddin must be Khadar and Khadar must be Tajuddin.

After serving his murshid for some time Hazrat Khadar Baba Auliya obtained permission to return to Vizianagram. Here he entered upon a period of muraqiba, making his abode in the hills near the black tank. At that time the place was uninhabited and infested with wild animals from the forest areas near Kumili ghat. The black tank area had a notoriety for being haunted by evil spirits. There were also many poisonous snakes moving about quite freely. For many years Hazrat Khadar Baba stayed here, at the place where he was once thrown down by a horse, spending all his time in devotion and austerities and forgetful of food and sleep. Many were, of course ridiculing him, calling him a hypocrite, an idler, and one who was acting contrary to the tenets of Islam. but none however said anything to him directly, for the luster of his face and sweetness of his speech used to subdue and overpower criticism. At nights he would be often times go into the forests nearby. Wild animals would stand like statues before him and turn away. Snakes and scorpions would creep over his body without injuring him.
One evening, Hazrat Tajuddin Baba, accompanied by five faqirs, came to Hazrat Khadar Baba’s khanqah. They wore colored clothes and turbans. Their faces were brilliant with a divine luster. Hazrat Khadar Baba wanted to serve them but they appeared to be i
ntent on their own mission. Hazrat Tajuddin made Hazrat Khadar sit and anointed his head with oil and said “Hazrat Khadar from today you have all the powers. I shall appear before you whenever you want and fulfill your desires. Believe that you are myself and I am your own self. Our personalities have merged.” Others also blessed Hazrat Khadar Baba who was speechless with wonder and delight and shredding profuse tears of joy. Immediately after this, Hazrat Tajuddin Baba and his companions vanished.

Some of the earliest people to realize the divine power of Baba were the people living in mango topes and the ryots cultivating the neighboring fields. They would come to Baba and represent their difficulties. He would bless them and the troubles would vanish an
d their long-standing desires would be fulfilled. If there was a drought and rainfall was urgently needed, they would beg him and he would say “go home,
there will be rainfall in the evening.” They would go in the fields along with coolies, in the evening, and would be looking up eagerly at the skies. Suddenly the sky would be covered with clouds and there would be heavy rainfall. People suffering from chronic and irrecoverable diseases would ask Baba for health and he would grant them their prayers, drawing their diseases upon himself. People desirous of progeny, those possessed by evil spirits, victims of such diseases as tuberculosis and leprosy, all kinds of seekers of health and peace of mind came to him and with his blessings, they would get what they ardently desired. Baba would often say “ there is nothing special in teaching wisdom to those who are already wise and virtuous. the greater things is to sympathize with sinners and those who are impure and to purify them.”
Baba’s tasser-e-Zubaan is something wonderful. Whatever he said by word of mouth would surely come to happen. He had the power to make the impossible possible and to render the almost certain impossible.

Great Cyclone of Viziayanagaram
One day he called out Khadims and asked them to leave that place immediately as Vizag is about to face one of the worst cyclone. He asked his khadim to wrap him in kali kamli (Blanket) and keep the edge of blanket under his feet firmly,which he complied. That night was a horrifying night, rains lashed out and winds uprooted huge trees and all of the creatures were frightened and prayed God to save them. Baba Qadir Awliya was alone in the jungle and completely exposed to this horrifying climate. His Khadim feared that they might not be able to meet Baba again. Next morning, Narayana,a trusted khadim arranged some groceries for his family and started towards Baba’s place along with other khadims.
He saw huge tree uprooted, snakes on the trunks of trees some dead some alive, dead bodies of animals scattered all around.His fear grew and finally he saw black kamli from far and approached to find Baba sitting intact,exactly as they had left him. But the blanket was ice cold and Baba was frozen in the blanket. Khadim’s didn’t dare to disturb him but waited there by putting some twigs on fire but there was no response from Baba, they cried and implored him but there was 
no response from Baba. After a long while Qadir Auliya rose from his state with a sigh “Baaabaaa”. People flocked to his place after this incident.
Curing incurable physical and spiritual diseases
Once a Mysore couple came to Vizianagram after a long tour of pilgrimages. The gentleman was of a highly irritable disposition. They were made to wait a day, before they could obtain audience. The first day when they came to Baba, he was engaged in meditation. The next morning by the time they repeated their visit, he was again engaged in meditation. The vaishnava Mysorean became mightily angry and said “is this Baba greater than god? Whenever we come we are denied access. i do not understand why people should gather here for the sake of this Muslim. This must be sheer deceit and hypocrisy.” His wife who was a calm and gentle lady persuaded him to sit down. Then baba came out of his room. On seeing him the vaishnava cooled down and prostrated. Baba placed his hand on his head and asked him “what do you want? children” they said. “Yes that will happen. what more?” asked Baba. The lady said “Baba! This gentle man must lose his anger” Baba looked for sometime into the face of the gentleman and said “By Baba’s grace he will be calm and quiet hereafter. Go home and let me know by letter that he is so.”

Once a schoolmaster aged about fifty, came for Baba’s darshan. He had been suffering from colic for twenty years previously. He had tried many doctors and medicines but with no effect. It was even said that an abdominal operation would be necessary and he was not prepared for it. He would suffer very acutely if ever he ate the ‘dal’ of green-gram and the curry prepared out of unripe jack fruit. Baba heard his story and asked “Alright what is it you want to eat now?” “I want to be cured of the pain” said the man “Eat this” said Baba giving him a plantain, “From today you will never have the pain. Go home and eat the ‘dal’ of green-gram and jack-fruit curry. Come to me tomorrow and tell me how you feel.” The man was still afraid to eat the plantain the more so because he was asked to eat it whole, skin and all. Seeing him hesitate, Baba said once more “Eat it and by Baba’s grace you will not have the pain.” Now he ate it and went home. This incident happened some years ago and the man is quire healthy and happy.
An doctor suffering from blood-pressure came to see Baba after he had tried all medicines and failed. He became quit
A diabetic still complained that there was no improvement in his condition. Then Baba asked him, “Are you having any injections?” “Yes” he said, “that treatment is harmless. i know it to be harmless.” Baba smiled and replied ‘yes.’ I know that you are wise enough to understand it. That is why i tell you, there is no use for these injections, one injection from god will cure you. Hereafter don’t have recourse to other injections. Cannot he, who has created this world, remove the suffering of one man? Believe in what Baba says and you will have peace.” That gentleman was, of course free from his ailment.e alright in a short time.

He observed constant remembrance and night vigil till he left this world at the age of 63 years.
Every year the followers of Baba celebrate his birthday with great elation and thousands attend the function.
Baba’s darbar is on the Kumili road near Vizianagram, Vishakapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh at a place rendered cool and shady by many banyan trees. Very frequently there is poor feeding at the khanqah organized by those who have been benefited by Baba’s blessings.
Above Article contributed by: Khadar Shaik who is Great grand Murid of Hazart Khadar Baba Auliya (RA)

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  • Hazrat Baba Farid of Machalipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
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