Monday, April 21, 2014

Famous Sufi Shrines of Chishtia and Nizamia Order in India

Sufi Shrines exist all over India in a very large number.They belong to different sects and orders like Qadria,  Suharwardia, Naqshbandia and Chishti Nizamia. Some of very famous  Sufi Shrines of Chishtia and Nizamia Order are being mentioned here. These Sufi Shrines have very large following and they have   great influence over the majority of Indian population. 

(1) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti, at Ajmer Sharif. Better known as "Ghareeb Nawaz" 
(2) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Qutabuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki,  Delhi

 (3) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia, Mehboobe Elahi,  Delhi.
 (4) Dargah Hazrat Makhdoom Allauddin Sabir, Kaliyar Sharif.
 (5) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Naseeruddin Chiragh Dehli,  Delhi.
 (6) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Amir Khusro,  Delhi.
 (7) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Bandanawaz Gesodraz, Gulbarga.
 (8) Dargah Hazrat Shaikh Kalimullah Jahanabadi, Delhi
 (9) Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin Aurangabadi, Aurangabad.
 (10) Dargah Hazrat Khawaja Khanoon,  Gwalior. M.P.
 (11) Dargah Hazrat Maulana Ziauddin Sahib, Char Darwaza,  Jaipur.
 (12) Dargah Shamsul Mashaikh Hazrat Pir Zamin Nizami Syed Bokhari,  Delhi.

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