Friday, June 1, 2012

Mysore India

The Dargah of Chicha Baa (RA) is on the left hand side when you enter the check post. The buses which go to kollegal will stop in this checkpost. From Checkpost there are autorishaws available which will take to Hazrat Mardan-e-Ghaib (RA) Dargah Shareef.

People who come to Dargah Shariff Hazrat Mardan-e-Ghaib will visit Hazrat Chicha Baa (RA) Dargah Also.

The mazar shareef of Hazratha Jalal Fathima Bathool Bi Bi (RA) is on right hand side on the road in a open area and little further if we take left we will see the famous dargah of Hazrath Mardan e Ghaib (RA).

This Mazar Shareef is in the open isolated area and many people who come to ziyarat of Hazrat mardan e ghaib (RA) will do ziyarat here.

Government Bus Services For Ziyarat of Hazrat Mardan e Ghaib (RA) :-
There are Direct government Buses daily from both Kalasipalayma Bus
stand and Also Kempe Gowda Bus Station ( Majestic ) to Dargah Shareef.
Also Buses which go to kollegal from bangalore will stop in the
checkpost if we ask conductor to stop near dargah checkpost. From
checkpost either we can walk or we can take autorishaws etc.
There are buses from mysore and kollegal also.

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