Monday, June 18, 2012

Kaleemullah Sha Quadri’s dargah

A non-Muslim family has been protecting a 400-year-old dargah here at Raheempura, Puranapul, which has been facing threats of encroachment. Munni Bai and her family renovated the dargah that was in a dilapidated condition and with the help of local Muslims, they also organise Urs.
While more than 1,000 square yards of Wakf land attached with Syed Kaleemullah Sha Quadri’s dargah was encroached upon, the dargah was left without encroachments. Munni Bai’s family inherited their devotion towards the dargah from Munni Bai’s mother-in-law Kamala Bai, 15 years ago. Kamala used to visit the dargah and clean the premises. When Kamala died 15 years back, Munni Bai took over the duty.
“Though my mother-in-law used to share her faith and belief in the dargah, initially I never bothered much, but after she expired I used to have dreams. In it, I constantly saw the dargah and the face of Kamala. Then I approached an elderly Muslim woman here about this. She told me to continue what my mother-in-law used to do,” she said. Munni Bai and others have approached Wakf Board to save the dargah. Other than issuing an eviction notice, nothing was done from its side. According to government gazette notification, 1,407 square yards of graveyard or Syed Imam Alisha Saheb was notified as Wakf property on 30-05-1984 as 8 A-SI No.455.

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