Monday, June 18, 2012

Hazrat Syed Sadath Nooruddin Noor Muhammad (RA)

Dargah Shareef of Hazrat Syed Sadath Nooruddin Noor Muhammad (RA) is situated in Navsari.Hazrat Syed Noor Muhammad (RA) came to India from Iran(Rai). During that time King Siddhraj Jaysingh was under power. Hazrat is well known as "Saiyadus-sadat" as well as "Satgor-Noor-Muhammad". All his forefathers were very miraculous.
When he came to India, cunningness, bad behaviours, etc were common. Black magic was also prevalent. During this time Hazrat mingled with the people and reverted thousands of people to Islam. The ultimate aim of Hazrat and his successors was to preach the true religion(ISLAM), through which wickedness and cunningness will automatically vanish. It was indeed a very difficult task, because evil practices were very common. Yet Hazrat used the policy to preach people in a way that is understandable to them. He was very much successful with the grace of Allah.
In order to understand his way of preaching it requires a great deal of Islamic knowledge and justice. Jealous people won't agree with him. He and his successors used Sufi way to spread Islam which is revealed as we go through different incidents.
Today lots of efforts are going on for Hindu-Muslim unity. But these practices were already performed by Hazrat for more than 800 years ago and he succeded. As a proof, even today there are thousands of Muslim and non Muslim believers of Hazrat.
Similarly, the Jogi showed many magic tricks but didn't succeed. Atlast the King called up big Hindu scholars to debate with Hazrat. The end result was that everyone was impressed by Islam and along with the King all the attendes reverted back to Islam. This King was famous as Jaysingh. But after getting reverted back to Islam Hazrat renamed him as Siddh Raj. From then onwards King Siddh Raj started loving Islam whole heartedly. Hazrat left Patan for Dharagari(A small village near Navsari-Gujarat). When Hazrat arrived at Dharagiri, at that time King Surchandra was under power. The King had one daughter named Palan Devi, for whom the Pandits have forsighted that this girl will be the cause of salvation for his father. When Palan Devi reached a marriagable age, her father asked her opinion about marriage. To this, the Princess replied that her husband will be arriving there soon. Hearing this the king shifted her to a distance place where she started living. He started practising one thing; Daily she used to ask for 625gm of Deer's meat, cook it and just dip her finger in the soup and taste it. When Hazrat arrived at Dharagiri, as per his daily activity he started reciting the Holy Quran. All the wild animals of the forest gathered to listen to him. This was also one of Hazrat's miracles. This day the hunters who had used to hunt for deer, couldn't find any. In search for the deer they reached at the place where Hazrat was reciting the Holy Quran. When Hazrat got free from reciting the Holy Quran he said to the hunter "Have you come for deer's meat?" Saying this he cut the leg of one deer and gave it to the hunter. Then Hazrat moved his hand over the cut leg and it was alright again. The hunters went back to the princess and narrated the whole incident to her. As per her daily practise the princess cooked the meat and just tasted teh soup with her finger. Instantly she felt herself full of miracles. The princess told the incident to her father and asked him to get her married with Hazrat.
The king said "Dear daughter, we are Rajput and he is a muslim, how can I get you married to him?" But it had no effect on the princess. The princess said "I won't marry any other person except Hazrat, If you won't listen to me then the consequences will be bad, I have got the kind of husband I was looking for, Else it is your decision." King Suraj chandra (Sidhhraj) realized that his daughter was not going to give up, so he promised her daughter that if Hazrat clears his test then he will surely marry her with Hazrat. The king went to meet Hazrat with the intention of testing him, he greeted Hazrat. Hazrat kept his hand on King's head and with the grace of Allah the king's childhood illness of Kodh (skin disease with white patches) vanished. Astonished by this miracle, the king took Hazrat to his palace and married his daughter to Hazrat.On this auspicious ocassion of marriage, there was divine light spread around 7 miles. People were saying "Let's go to see Yandui". Yandui means light. As years passed people started saying Gandui and now this place is known as Gandevi. Gandevi is a village near Navsari.
In order to provide water to the people coming to attend marriage, one pond was filled with Sharbat and other with milk (Dudh in hindi). Even today these two ponds are present as a proof in Navsari and are famous as Sharbatiya Talav & Dudhiya Talav.
Hazrat came to Navsari as a Nausha (Groom) so Nausha + Arai = Navsari, this is how Navsari got it's name.
In Navsari there lived a very powerful Sadhu. He was very strong in YogShastra, and that's why he had many disciples. On every full moon, the disciples used to visit their guru in order to seek advice. Hazrat liked the place where Sadhu lived, so Hazrat told the sadhu that he liked the place very much and wanted to live there forever, and that it was the order from Allah. The Sadhu didn't agree and asked Hazrat to show some miracle, only then he will hand over his place to Hazrat. Both of them agreed that they will remain under water (in pond) for three days, and the one who remains alive will be the owner of this land. On Friday, both of them went under water. The voice of Sahdu's Shankh was heared for 60 hours and Hazrat's Adan was heared for 72 hours. At the end of third day Sadhu was dead and Hazrat was alive. As a result according to the agreement, Hazrat was now the owner of this land.

Dwarika in navsari
On full moon day, as usual the Sadhu's disciple came to visit their master and they found Hazrat instead of him. So they started questioning. Disciples : Where is our Guru Maharaj? Hazrat : What do you want from Guru Maharaj? Disciples : He is our Guru and we are his disciples. Every full moon day we visit him to seek advice. Hazrat : From today I will be your Guru and give you advice. Disciples : How? Without any miracle how should we believe you. Show us some miracles. Hazrat : Ok, So today what were you going to ask or take from your Guru? Disciples : We are going for a pilgrimage to Dwarika, so we came to take his permission. Hazrat : Why do you want to go to Dwarika? Disciples : We go there to do darshan. Hazrat : If I make you visit Dwarika here itself then? Disciples : Then we will believe that you are a true Guru. Hazrat : Have you seen Dwarika before? Disciples : Many a times.

After a few questions and answers, Hazrat showed the Dwarika and Kanhaiyaji to the disciples in his sleeves. Everyone believed and they reverted to Islam saying "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR-RASULULLAH". These disciples started addressing Hazrat as "Sat Gor Noor".
Later after sometime Hazrat went to Arabia. Before going, he instructed his disciples that on so and so day my Janazah will come at the bank of river near Jalalpur village. You should burry me in Navsari.
As told, Hazrat's Sacred Body ( Janazah-e-Mubarak ) came at the desined day on the bank of river, the disciples burried it with due respect at the place where currently Hazrat's tomb is present. Hazrat had had a pair of parrots which he left in Navsari before going to Arabia. Seeing Hazrat's Mayyat both the parrots died. The tomb of these two parrots is also present near Hazrat's tomb.
One of the pirs who was the first to come to India around 1093 C.E. had arrived in Gujrat his name was Saiyed Noordin Noor Muhammad also known as Saiyed Saadat also known as pir Satgurnoor. He arrived in Gujrat during the reign of king of Gujrat/Patna; King Sidhraj Jay Singh