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Hazrat Shams Uddin Sialvi (ra) {Sargodha, Pakistan}

Hazrat Shams Uddin Sialvi (r.a) (Peer Sial Laj Pal)

Hazrat Shams Uddin Sialvi was the Disciple and Khalifa of Hazrat Shah Suleyman Taunsvi r.a. The shrine of Hazrat Shams Uddin Sialvi is in Sial Sharif District Sargodha, Pakistan.

Hazrat Khawja Shams-ud-Din Sialvi was born in 1799 A.D.(1214 A.H). He was born of a very religious family. He descended from Hazrat Ali,the fourth caliph of Islam.
Long before his birth,a great saint of Multan ,Ghaus Baha -ul-Haq Zakarya Multani,while travelling to Bhera,got down from horse back when he was right at the place where now the great tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Shams-ud-din Sialvi is situated and picked handful of soil and kissed it. His deciples wre astonished by this gesture.Upon there insistence, he revealed to them, that a Ghaus would be born there.
He had become the hafiz of Quran(one who remembers Quran by heart) at the age of 7 years.He went to some of the renounced institutions to get religious education. He went as far as Kabul where he was awarded Sand-e-Hadith(certification of hadith). The most important of his journeys was to Taunsa Sharif (Distt. D.G Khan), where he becme a deciple of ROhela of Qibla-e-Alam Khwaja Maharvi ,Hazrat Khawja Suleiman Taunsvi.
He went to Mecca twice to perform pilgrimage.He was a stanch follower of Quran and Sunnah. His teachings played an important role in reviving the spirit of Islam in Muslims in the wake of Missionary propaganda by christians and oppression by Sikhs.
He established an institute for religious education. He himself used to teach there. Some of his students went to become known Islamic scholars in the subcontinent.
The most well known his deciples were, Hazrat Khawja Muazam-ud-din Muazamabadi
Hazrat Ameer Shah Bhervi
Hazrat Khawja Mehr Ali Shah Goladvi
Hazrat Khawja Syed Ghulam Haider Shah Jalalpuri
Hazrat Khawja Syed Niaz Ali Gardezi
Hazrat Mulla Khushnud Yusafzai(Kabul)
Hazrat Khawja Syed Muhammad SaeedLahorvi
Hazrat Khawja Syed Muhammad Hasan Shah Gilani
Hazrat Khawja Shams-Sialvi dieud-din d on 24th of Safar 1300 A.H( 4th of january 1883 A.D).Hazrat Khawja Shams-Sialvi dieud-din d on 24th of Safar 1300 A.H( 4th of january 1883 A.D) He was buried in Sial Sharif District Sargodha ,Pakistan.

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