Friday, June 8, 2012

Hazrat Jalil Ahmed Shah Qalendar {Pakistan}

Hazrat Jalil Ahmed Shah Qalendar
Silsila: Chishtia Qadria
Date of Wisaal: 27 Dhul-Hajj
Date of Urs: 27 Dhul-Hajj - 29 Dhul-Hajj
Alimabad Block C, Jinnah Square, Malir Shareef, Karachi, Pakistan
Hazrat Jalil Ahmed Shah Qalander was born in India in Rampur. At that time another Sufi Saint Hazrat Chanda Mian Sahib told his mother about this extra-ordinary child and named him as Jalil Ahmed. Peer-ur-Mursheed Chanda Mian Sahib educated him the both rivers of knowledge of Islam, the Shariah and the Saluk.
Hazrat Jalil Baba Sahib came to Pakistan on the instruction of his spiritual teacher when he was young.

Every Sunday the current Successor of Hazrat gives lectures about the life of Hazrat, Koran Shareef, Hadith, Islamic History, Shariah, and Saluk. There is an open invitation to visit the Mazar on Sunday for the purpose of training and education.